You destroyed a great game


WTF??? This game is crap now what have you done you have now created a castle crush clone, like fuck this game was awesome and now I won’t even do the tutorial it’s childish looks lame, too simplistic ruined!!! I now hang up my spell casters robe as I will not be playing this no offence pile of shit… you had a amazing concept that worked graphics awesome unique as all hell. Now you made a crap clone of a money grabbing shit boring game I’m sorry but I’m dissapointed in new direction and won’t return unless old game is put back… drags3840 out for good I guess I’ll visit this community to see if this is listened too but really let down here.


Harsh but sadly true.


This game is not out in NA yet or Android but I saw a video of it on YouTube. Looks awesome until I just came to your site and noticed that it is a castle crush clone. You should go back to the original format of the game. I got excited with the first hands on playbof it but now not too crazy about it. Hopefully by the time it is released here some things will change


It was such a brilliant and amazing game for a while though!!
Maybe one day someone will bring out a clone of the original version…