When is the new character coming?


When is the next update? I’m very looking forward to the new ILLUSIONIST :heart_eyes:


I’m hoping both casters. Been waiting long enough. Game needs both at once not one at a time.


I need more practice time. Prefer stats, more ranks and head 2head pre battle screen to new characters.
Drags where have you been havent seen you lately. Played with madpupped some won more lost :slight_smile:


Been on a mass losing streak nothing seems to work for me at moment. Although I have taken down both tyrantyan and kika I am losing a lot at moment


told ya. you just beat me. same play ingame will get you far. practice and apply :slight_smile:


any update would be nice…


even a “these features coming soon” would be nice…


No reply because they are busy working on the features that will come soon :slight_smile:


haha. hopefully. Though they may have reasons not to announce what is coming next, I doubt those are “we don’t have time to post”. If its a 2 person team, fair enough… (in which case, amazing job devs - game feels like it is made by a large full team)… if it’s a 10 person team, a quick update each week would help to grow a community on this board.


Hopefully new casters will see the return of the spells we lost. And really hoping new spells game needs it.


Let’s put it this way: we’ll have something to announce soon, like really soon :slight_smile: - keep watching this space :wink:


Can you give us a hint so as to give us all here in this community some excitement


“Really soon” like tomorrow or few days later😛


Well, as said - really soon means that we’ll probably have something to share next week ;), 'nuff said.


Well still waiting. Been a couple of days and still nothing. Just wanna see some activity in this community


“really soon” is apparently > 5d … :wink:

Hopefully this week?


5 days ago > next week = this week :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


yeah sorry, I didn’t see your “probably have something to share next week” response until after I posted…


Oh come on already :rofl:


Penguin I’ll get you one day