What your favourite combo? Share your winning strategies with us!



Charge, followed by solar flare and saving grace when minions start charging into enemy spellcaster. Areal denial at it’s best.


Ruuls counter attack with Rage on 6+ minions :smiley: :smiley:


@Kika good he is not played that much at. Anyways, felt what you were talking about yesterday, and literally just watched… Couldn’t do anything.


@Daed well gameplay is changing from lvl 7… ill make new video how to play on higher lvl with new spells… i couldnt done that earlyer because i made new acc and lost all spells i had when i was rank 1… hope ill get all spells i need in a day or two. My main class is Mordrake but ill make videos for Ameryl and Rull also, just keep practicing :slight_smile:


I like fire grip monsters into enemies acid pool. Feels like at this lvl only Angel has good combo spells.


Not a direct winning combo, but to effortlessly grab the board control early game I often use Fire Grip on my brawler to grab that enemy swordsman into tower range and stun him while using the flaming weapon spell on my Swordsman ASAP to burst down the enemy Brawler.


Nice one, I definitely should try to play more with Ruul.


My favorite ruul spell is by far the grip, it provides stun utility and early board control, and in the later stages for setting up big AOEs. I feel ruul’s special ability should be buffed, it is the least impactful by far.
Ruul is cool to play because his spells hurt so much.
Win condition is a well timed rage on surviving minions, that is why i prefer to summon the tank.

Ameryl is unique because she has so much control. stuns, push backs and heals can be deadly when executed timely. She is a very reactive hero, her spells should used defensively 95% of the time. Her special ability is the most impactful and should not be used randomly. Using her special ability the right way can land free minion kills, using it randomly can lead to your minions overextending to towers and die for free. At higher ranks i feel the special ability and the cleanse spell is little too good.


Chain light+ heal/push+range on my last row.
Also spike stun ball is great for crowd fight or heal/kill+growth. Strategy depends on opponent and jis mminions.
I prefer to heal troops in defense. Rage is great for att, skeletons for damage drain or time gain. Flare is good to stop opponent during charging toward his spellcaster.


I would argue that Ruul’s Fire Grip is the best spell in the game currently. Early game it destroys one lane, even if you are 1vs2, while late game it gives you a great preparation for a good AOE spell.


Just felt Rull’s Fire grip and damn can it set up a good lane clean early on (Even later really?).

Apologies from the start because I won’t be sharing any combos atm but I thought that you guys are basically talking strategy here really so wanted to share my experience. :slight_smile:

To me each level presents a new challenge and it takes a new “perfect” combo to take out the opposition (at least from my experience).

Since I was stuck at lvl 7 yesterday I had to eventually be pitted against 1-2 lvl higher opposition due to winstreaks and boy did I get a lot of Ameryls… and lots of CC lol.
Long story short - I play Mordrake and atm in my case it’s not that much about combos but rather timing of runes, not just because of the spec. ability but to get a good flow in my minion waves. Ameryl is the only one I have an issue against atm (She can pack some REALY good combos - as TuMatch said “She is a very reactive hero”), but with some good execution on my side I can eventually win a war of attrition against her each time, though it takes like 5-6 min per match. :smiley:

Can’t wait to get to a higher level and some more direct utility spells and then start doing some combos! I really like what I read from the necro’s arsenal :grin:


Marksman spirit with stun. If im lucky ill get tower down in first minute of fight.
Pyro use of roid rage in later part of game is good for endgame.


A well placed Infernal Spikes to gather a group of enemies, then pulling that group with Fire Grip really brings the hurt.


my winning strat is overload and growth on one minion then use charge, if the way is clear of enemy minions your minion will most likely one or two shot the spellcaster. rage can also be added for extra effectiveness. best used on a swordman.


watch out for that combo @TomassEdition I defend with push or lightning. 1 sec stun does difference. ameryl may just implode it too. or fire grip with valen/ruul can harm it.
As opener do not stack on 1 unit.

Fire grip + punish arrogance - 9 mana

fire grip + jump - 8 mana

growth + healing strikes - RARE USE - 7 mana

most of time I do not have sufficient mana to combo but when I do damage is just fine

phalanx + punish arrogance - 9 mana

shockwave + punish arrogance - 10 mana

speed/mass charge + orb of justice - impossible due to cards are not in same deck :smiley:

  1. RUUL: fire crush + growth - 6 mana

dragons breath + fireball - 10 mana - time it to hit up or low 1 line of attack when opp has many attackers

dragons breath + scorching ray - 10 mana - same as above

eruption + phalanx - 11 mana - time it to catch next wave or minions too, aim for 1 line at his part of battlefield
shackle/fireball + meteor strike - 11 mana - hit first from group and throw meteor at them. put meteor to kick them to upper or lower side of field since if pushed in the middle they may hit spellcaster. I did win many times because they did not hit me properly and they gave mine minions speed-up.

fire grip + lava rift or fireball - ~9 mana