What is this [POY] clan?


And where do I sign up? :smiley:



It is just a couple of IRL friends at this moment, no point making a community yet, since we only chat in Serbian and not restricted to just spellsouls.

The Mysterious Organization

Good bunch of players. I started using (AUS) myself upon seeing the group.

Plus gotta rep Australia. See you on the field.


I’ve added (AUS) also


Nice let’s get up that leaderboard


trying to. having trouble getting above 480. Hopefully when I get some cards up to lv 9… sucks when lightning bolt can’t kill someones archer…


It’s a challenging game work on your casting timing I suggest practice battles a lot of practice battles. I do as a rule like 6 a day before I battle to get timing right. You will raise up ranks don’t worry took me ages to get in top 200 my best was 63rd, I’m currently 80ish, I have been dropped back to about 400-500 many times but always clawed back. Find a caster you like, like really like and put most of your coin into that’s casters set. Don’t waste on cards your not using if you can avoid it. Also save them gems up don’t spend em on chests save em and get VIP to help level up. Good luck on the battlefield might see you on there. (AUS)Drags3840


Add Aaron drags on Facebook if you wanna have friendly practice battles


I sent you a message on Facebook to check I’ve got the right account