Weekend - Grand Gem Clash


Ok ladies, it is time to bring the event rewards to a whole new level!

This time the entry fee will be 1000 gems! Yep, it’s high and you are just about to start ranting about it, BUT guess what you get back after the first win?

If your answer is: “epic cards, chests, gold…” then you are so so wrong!

As soon as you win for the first time, you will earn 1,100 gems as a reward. So you get your entry gems back plus 100 more. And if you keep winning along the way we will throw some more of that tasty purple good stuff back at you. (We’re talking about gems. What’d you think?)

Not a bad deal right?

-See you in battle


Played twice. 1000 gem first time and 50 for second time to participate. You get easy chance to increase gems for 100. And you get 10 gems every second win. also cards get better as you increase nimber of victories. Didnt reach end so i do not know if there are epic cards but rare ones are there for sure :slight_smile:

if you can. do play. im still in two minds about goblin marksman chest…easy one gives more rare cards but marksman for free is interesting offer. If i had l2-5 marksman i would take it. im at lvl6

never mind i took it :slight_smile: