We are not playing real people, but AI instead


When we battle, we are fighting each other’s deck, but not real people at real time. This is disheartening to find out, but I suppose it’s necessary since there are not millions of people playing at once

I know this because as I advance higher, I’m fighting opponents eally despite the fact that I’m in the top 400. This means there are only a few people around my rank yet i instantly find a match every single time. There is no shortage of matches


Join active clan “Alpha Cartel”


por favor, retire os AI do GAME


Ai can instant cast counter as well whereas players have delay


é retirar esse tanto de AI e deixar apenas os players, assim o jogo vai evoluir tremendamente.


great game guys


possible bug: donating vard inside guild may remove request button. on iphone detected.
bug cleared after game reset.