Version 1.12.0 - Referrals!


Hey Summoners,

Sharing is caring. At least that’s what my mom told me.

So in this update we’re adding referral bonuses for inviting your friends because, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to smash their friend in the face with a Scorching Ray with the power of a thousand suns and collect some free stuff along the way?

With referrals also comes a new currency, Ferrum. Ferrum is obtained exclusively through the referral system. This fist looking currency will be used as an alternative way to open chests or buy cards in the shop. It’s essentially another way to get the cards you want quicker! Sounds nice, right?

We are also giving everyone free Ferrum right away just for the fun of it. Spend it wisely!

So get going, invite your existing friends or befriend some random strangers on the street if you have to. We won’t judge!

-the Spellsouls team


não vejo a hora de poder logar no jogo novamente …


nossa atualização vai dá aquele Gás nos jogodores.

Darksouls Brasil
So Say We All


uma nota.

poderia quando ganhar uma partida também ganhar a nova moeda.


How do I add people to my friend list. It always says I have no friends playing at the moment.


merge your account with facebook account, that should do it




I need new map battles in game new monters and new options. Thx


UploadiScreenshot_20180808-141056 ng… Can u tel me how tf this guy have different level of cards
We all know that it is so hard to upgrade those epic card and then a lot of people just get randomly lv4 epic how is this even happen !!!


As for the same card different lvl, there is mana offering card that lets you create a minion for less mana but the monster will have lower level.
As for the other question, yes it is interesting :slight_smile: yet top players do not have that high lvl of the cards


I’m pretty sure that when i use mana offering it doesn’t lower my monster level
And the different level monster usally happen when they use the cost3 that have horn
They just randomly get lv 3 4


Hi Singg_man,

Mana offering does just that. Epic cards get reduced level, you can check out the card description again and look at the card lvl reductions on the right side. In this case, I would imagine his Corruptor is level 4 and then mana offering was used and the second one was level 1.


I see, thanks a lot haha