Update and future updates


Great work thus far team brilliant game. Current update is amazing. Just an idea for future tho. Maybe a little more info in this community to explain updates your planning. As a example when you changed spawn to waves and we complained and you went back to old way. If you had told us you planned that change we would of saved you a lot of work by saying no it was bad idea. So therefore you wouldn’t of had to change it and change again. You have it perfect as is by the way. Character selection screen spot on good to see it left as it was in this update don’t tweek perfection. The cards in chests appearing as they do now think it’s like 3rd variation there I’d say perfect again as is leave that as it is. Improvements hmmmmmm…

More player profile pics maybe as I suggested in past profile pics that reflect fav spell ect unlocked by eg using growth 1000 times unlocks that player picture card. This will appeal to completion oriented players as like Pokémon gotta get em all lol.

More spells I cannot say this enough all casters need I’d say at least 3 more spells each to vary way players play them I’ll take tyrantyan mordrake play of dropping abomination on caster it’s that or posses minion and wipe lane for win. That’s a narrow play set there and all casters are same minimum ways to play at higher lvls. As a new player ok you experiment at high lvls only certain plays are really effective and you see a lot of repetitive play. Game remains addictive but the variety would be much welcome by the players that I can assure you.

Leaderboards I’ve read posts on that change I say it’s needed for top 200 players to good to hear it’s a current project.

The community tab in game seems useless a wrap up vid of update I would of expected but no we got update post here (not all players use this there’s the problem) a video like the ones you did for the art of Spellsouls ect is needed there I’d suggest something to explain to players changes more.

Guilds are amazing and chat is great, world chat for cross guild communication next step there I’d suggest. Guild events was awesome rewards were nice. (Although confusing as you had a bug you somewhat explained) that could of been in short vid on update explaining how event worked ect yes it’s obvious now but the vid I keep on going on about would just be a nice touch to keep that tab useful.

This game is amazing and if I’ve heard correct it’s a small team project even more amazing I say this game would need more focus if it’s just a small project you have a real unique and addictive game here the potential it has is amazing.

Hope this post helps in any way, keep up the great work


Also making the spells we have maxed in collections appear with a gold glow might be a simple tweek.


new spell idea… lyra portal…

place two points… drag to source then tap on destination.
creates a portal that all units (friend and foe) will pass through if they touch either entrance.
just a limited range beyween the two.
portal stays on map for 10 secs

allows lots of strategies…
cover distance faster.
avoide mordrake pool
force enemy units into their own pool
switch lanes for yourself to dodge enemy
switch lanes for enemy to move into a trap…


Well seeings as I cannot get in game I’ll do another post here with some ideas.

One of my fellow guild members came up with the following spell for Lyra. (______) or blank as we commonly refer to him.

Phantasmal mirror, 4 cost same range as enlighten. For next 10-14 secs reflect all damage back at opponents minions.

I’d say maybe 50% personally as not to create a OP spell.

I came up with following idea.

Dark mirror, a spell that changes oppenants lanes. Eg say my opponent has three minions in top row 1 bottom. It would switch them. Not the actual runes just current minions on field. I feel this would add to her trickery. Lyra spell of course.

A good Ruul spell would be… epic 7 cast cost. A summon like abomination but decays over time or each hit/step it makes on field. Also ignites and minions it makes contact with.

I’ll be talking in guild to a lot of members trying to come up with more spells for all casters.