Update 1.9.0 is out!


Hi Summoners,

The new update is live and here is what’s new:

Support for Android

  • Spellsouls is now playable on Android devices so join the battle! Minimum supported Android version is 4.0.3 and RAM 1G and above.

Live Challenges

  • The first challenge will start soon. Check the event to see when it begins in your region. You will have the opportunity to win an Grand chest and also some great rewards along the way.

Do you have what it takes to make it to the end?

New offers

  • New shop offers for different kinds of chests. Heavy duplicate, Rune and specific Arena chests are added so you can get that card you’ve been looking for!

Let us know what you think in the comments below,
See you in battle!


Why IOS is not playable


it is. AI got more skilled :slight_smile: heavy AF.
card numbering got better. pricing is same. event will be later commented.

well done. glad to see improvements being made.


Hey Penquin,

Do you mean you’re unable to get into the game after the update? Is there a message you’re receiving?

Any more info helps. Thanks.


Update is not available on IOS and I can’t get into the game either.


I seem to be playing the same bot over and over again. Unless a dozen users do the same thing with the same cards every time they play. Why is this?


Hi @Penquin if you are not able to see the game update in the store could you please try removing the app from the phone and then download it again?


So far interesting. didnt win big reward but this feature is competitive. nicely done


hey @kurupt thanks for reporting this - this is an issue that we’re looking into at the moment. I’ve let our team know and will get in touch as soon as I hear more. Sorry about this inconvenience


new chest price: reduce it. 70 cards and 2 epic should be more like 500 gems MAX. Can lower it to 350 if there are only cards NO coins. Boost sales :wink:
AI should have anti doping test. Guild members complain about difficulty more than ever before.

For next improvement: increase mana at start so game can be even more competitive. also reduce times for new cards, wishful thinking.
AI should allow higher win ratio for players. low ratio kills moral of players. I have fought and won against way stronger opponents2-3 level stronger cards. so it is possible but requires skillz and right cards. and lots of defeats to master it :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:
maybe daily game limit becomes optional in the future.


Now it’s ok thanks


Lots of players are complaining and leaving due to frustration and bordom with fighting repetitive bot battles. Hope your close to sorting out your bot army so we can get back to playing against actual people.