Update 1.8.0 is out


Hi Summoners, the new update is live! Read on to learn more!

New Arenas and Cards

We’ve added 2 new arenas: Necropolis and Temple of the Ancients. Can you rise to the top?
Each arena comes with a variety of new cards. We’ve added 14 new cards in total.

Can you collect them all?

Also introducing…… Legendary cards! Work your way up to the new arenas for your chance to unlock the most powerful cards of them all.

Necromancer joins the fray

New Progression System

The world has been divided into 3 classes: Realm, Arcana and Void.

Each class has its own pool of runes. Runes are vital to powering and leveling up cards. Card duplicates are still needed for level ups so be sure to amass both duplicates and runes!

All chests have a chance of giving runes of any class. Power up your cards with runes and gold to receive flat stat bonuses and if you are worthy enough to reach a level up, you can exponentially increase a cards strength.

See you in battle!
-the Spellsouls team


looks like you now can choose which card to upgrade and make preference deck, to be stronger than any other cards or deck…my first impression. first 15 minutes.
ALSO HP of everything has been changed. G@me is LIT :smiley: damn, many HP everywhere, resurrecting and such…any critical strike hit or smth?? :smiley: just asking…
ADD RUNE SHOP: need upgrade crystals in shop. small-short-fine-large-huge: 4 quantity packs with range price-Lack of crystals prevents upgrading card power. Will they be added any time soon?

CHEST CRYSTAL PRICE: Will there be change? From 3 to 6 chests with different prices.

CARD LIST 43 cards in 1 single line is not transparent solution. New screen with all cards. 1 :ballot_box_with_check: small thick for selected card on card itself, 2 :ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check: small thicks on for card itself for twice selected card for deck. That will make cards much transparent.
Or sort cards by rarity or by type…be creative and make poll here or for all users ingame. To get better response from players BRIBE THEM. Offer reward for completed poll and written report :slight_smile:
Unit stats: during battle and at selection screen, like bars.

Numbaer of runes must be visible, either on deck screen or under gold/gem number.


Is there any meaning to devide all of them to three classes? Is there any criteria u classify them? I have some suggestion:

  1. Each of 3 worlds has its unique combination, that is, create something special other class don’t have.
  2. Have better make 3 classes equally strong, and add some cards that bonus all of one class like” get 110% damage bonus of realm” or “destroy all of enemy’s void class”

In conclusion, I don’t want to see u guys just simply classify them for rune purpose. U can do lot more about this system.


no radical changes.
I like the new glow game has.
As for upgrades looks to me like u need to spend more money now :slight_smile:
I highly dislike that I cannot see how much cards I need for next lvl, while in upgrading phase.


Long time no see~
I have long time without playing this game ,because my work become very busy during last year end and just meet the festival at February (chinese new year).There seem a lot of changes , I played 1 hours last night and still not to used this “new game” :((
Maybe it need more explanation ex:what is the difference of 3 classes (only “Each class has its own pool of runes” ?)、the chance to get cards when open the chest (because i don’t how to get gold card @@) …etc
I will keep playing this game whatever it will update or go back or not,thanks for the game team what you do everything , this game still be amazing and proud. :+1:


Join Templar guild so we can challenge each other. Also, do ask for cards once you join in.

Hope we will get more instructions from game team on runes, and some of recommended changes on shop will be implemented in game :slight_smile:


Hey housechien,

Glad to hear you had a chance to play the new update. Thank you for your thoughts.

On the topic of runes, all cards are classified into a rune type based on their mythos. We’re working on adding more depth and background to the different classes! More on this to come in the future. For now, runes can be seen as a way to help change progression and keep it interesting rather than only needing card duplicates.

For chests, currently, each simple chest or free chest gives a certain # of 1 card and then 3 runes. Victory, deluxe and artisan chests offer more than 1 type of card. Also, all chests you can buy in the shop contain a variety of cards. You can see what card rarity you are guaranteed if you tap on it.

Hope this clears up any questions.

See you in battle!




Hey Tyantyan,

You are right that this is a bug due to your score being over 100.000. Our team is working on fixing it ASAP.





@Tyantyan, this issue has been fixed now! Thank you again for reporting it and see you in battle !




6 seconds for resurrection is short period. 15-20sec time span ressurection will do job. that ia my experience. also it makes it usable in mid game or even early game for cheap units. xpenaive units cannot be made bulk in short notice and therefore cannot influence battle once ressurerected. any thought???