Upcoming update 1.5.0...great changes


I have just watches preview sneak peekfor new update and It is awesome!

seeparate trigger for special ability - massive strategy change. truly massive. new dimension massive. stun after stun…can you believe table tilting in valens favor…i can after this. or ruuls burning all to the ground :smiley: or ameryl boosting speed to the max…this is gamechanger. MASSIVE AND POSITIVE ONE.

skeletons must be able to appear in every trigger not only in the first if you call them 2-3 in a row…

changes in spawning - was expecting this fora quite a while. this irregularity adds additional game plan and changes so far strategy about spawning. now all resets and starts from beggining. great.

new instRoduction of daily quests…great glitch for all. i will enjoy it. i like new challenges. improvement of strategy vs AI or getting reward has always been tempting.


I’ll wait for the weekend to give my elaborate impressions, but in short - while this change might water down the strategic depth of the game, I believe the designers tried and concluded there was no other way to solve just how non-intuitive the game is strategically to newer and more casual players. This is a big problem for a 3-minute AAA mobile game, so some sort of a massive change was coming our way anyway.

It will be interesting to see just how much AoE spells will need to be changed, and Ameryl as the anti-AoE queen.


waiting Malvolio. i like trigger manual and placeing minion spots improve, remove instant spawning is 3 + only minus is sync minion spwans. im sure all is agrree. tower 100 hp is + maybe best balance update, and 12 hour quest is great.


Meteor strike and mass charge…kill their strenght right now or they will kill the game.