Upcoming Svetlana Challenge!


Hey Summoners!

We’ve just released the teaser for our upcoming weekend challenge which begins on August 3rd and ends on August 6th.

This time, you’ll get a chance to get your hand on the epic Svetlana card. This warrioress always brings her posse along with her when she joins the fray! Her ability to move all of your minions into her lane as she is played is quite the game changer.

Get your deck ready and let us know who YOU like to pair Svetlana with. She doesn’t like being alone. Neither do I. I think I need a hug. Anyone?

See you in battle
-the Spellsouls team


já estou preparado!!


Started a challenge with 0-2 because of bad deck choice. so I had to play a few really close games to get my Svetlana.


Bravo!! i sucked big time! 7/12

and im so sad i cannot make good deck with Svetlana :frowning:

back to practicing board. ill get my svetlana sometime