Twitch Stream Friday


Hey Guys ,
My Name is EzdriaL maybe some of u know me from the Game.

I will Start Streaming Spellsouls on Twitch Every Friday in the evening at 18 pm German Time. I will start next week 17th March

It would be great if I can meet so of u guys in the Chat and we can speak about the game and build a community for high level competitve Gaming.

Sorry for my English :blush:

EzdriaL (:


That’s my Channel Btw. :wink:


The Stream Starts earlier it will be 15.00 oclock German Time.


I am already there :), can’t wait to see The Wall in action!


Hey Guys , I unlocked all Cards for Ameryl <3
I want to Show u all epic cards i got, and i want to try new Decks.

My Next Stream Will be Tommorow at 4 oclock German Time. ONCE again i Hope i See some of u on Stream.

Cheers Ez.


Hey Guys,

I can’t stream on Friday next 2 Weeks. I will stream today at 4 oclock german time.

With the Fresh new Update (: