Training mode is very importante


I suggest to nordeus to give us the opportunity to play and train with card,
When u get new card and u make ur deck I don’t need to play normal game to explore the card I need to see it in action and in training mode

Thank you
See yaa


Hi Amoun,

You can actually play a Practice game through your main deck to test out new cards! This doesn’t affect XP, winrate or anything like that.

Go to Edit Deck> Practice. You should see the practice button in the middle on the top. :slight_smile:


Thank you,
U know if u didn’t tell me I ll never see the button

#4 ingame here

as I see your deck is stacked with low level cards which is great for JUMP start and surprise attack :slight_smile: svetlana is great addition for lane swap and final strike.
ARROWS in deck protects you from all line attack and high level skeleton attack.

BOTH GOBLINS are ranged and well balanced for mid game, with brute and stone elemental serving as protective wall.
I do recommend avoiding lava rift, as i did not find it useful in my deck for lvl 8 since it deals small damage and does not influence battle outcome neither can use it as decoy. Perhaps you can think to reduce number of 2 mana cards by 1 :slight_smile:

Bravo for scorching ray, one of my favorite. punisher if well covered with gunman is unstoppable.

Also lvl2 so you are new here. i wish you welcome and enjoy your stay.

KEEP on practicing and tell us how are you doing :100: :1st_place_medal: