This week event reward


Just to upload pic of thisweek reward.


Previous week reward.


Thw week before. How are you doing? Any chance dor global card buy/sell market. I bet Drags has some cards I can use :wink:


Today’s rewards were meh…



Not complaining mimic now lvl 3


Nicely done. Now i need 400.000 more for upgrades.


Again meh…


Nice haul. Good games recently


Not a bad haul for your card lvls by looks


this weeks reward




drags u play on ipad? noticed that 4digit numbers do not fit designated field


Yes I’m a iPad player. Don’t get what you mean tho.


I honestly believe that this is a iPad must game would be way too small on a phone.


Yet, again, meh rewards :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


ask for shockwaves not much till upgrade and i havemany of them sitting there. Drags you should have been in my team :slight_smile:


I would of thought you would of joined malvolios guild as it does house the best players lol.


I mean honestly bro you get a chance to join the number 1 players guild you dont pass up that offer. Was always gonna be the guild to beat and after dedicated months of playing I feel it’s where I wanted to be in the best guild. I honestly would of thought you’d of joined here your a amazing player and malvolio has put together a great bunch of players just really thought that a no brainer.