Themed minions for extra flavor


All summoners summon the same minions :smiley: I think it would be nice if we can get themed minions for each summoner like some kind of undead for necromancer for example :stuck_out_tongue: or some kind of holy warriors for archangel :smiley: (nothing new here). Anyways it will give that extra flavor to the game. I know the game is fresh new and I believe something like this is/will be in plan for future updates cause it is kinda logical to have something like that :smiley:


I think this is good idea.I support it :slight_smile:


This would be so cool! :smiley:
Visually it would be rather helpful as well - Sometimes a match can take around 5-6 minutes to end and by that time there are a lot of minions on the field, having themed minions for each hero would bring more visual clarity.

One more thing - The devs already went for a completely unique set of spells for each of the heroes (well beside the base ones that are shared), which smells of dedication on their part, so themed minions would be like the icing on the cake. :wink:

Hope they do something like this later down the line. :grin: