The" strong get stronger" problem


The way this game is set up and designed is that it promotes a strong get stronger play style. The higher you are up in the rankings the more cards you’ll get and the stronger your cards will become meanwhile those who are at the bottom of the ranking system only get a few cards and their cards level up slower because of this.

I am constantly having to defeat people who have vastly Superior minion levels and the only reason I am winning is because I’m out playing them. If I face somebody with the same or similar deck but better minion levels I will lose simply because they are already ahead of me in ranking and level and are able to level up faster.

The challenges are a great example of this. Someone who is higher in level can beat all 12 challenges without losing and get the prize at the end because their power level is so high. Meanwhile those who are lower level they almost never reach the 12 wins and get the prize that they need to compete at the higher ratings because the higher ratings are holding them down with better leveled cards.

So for example someone who has a level nine Swordsman will beat My Level 3 Guardian 1 verses 1 and I cannot level up my stuff as fast as they can because reaching a higher rank gives you more Rewards that help you level cards faster