The direction of Spellsouls going forward


Hey everyone,

I wanted to give you guys an update in light of all the recent changes.

As we mentioned during the release of the last update, we faced significant challenges with the direction of the previous version as we simply weren’t getting the desired results needed to move forward.

This is why we made a conscientious choice to change the direction with version 1.7.

Now that it has been live for more than a month and based on all of the learnings and research obtained, we are happy and excited to share that the fundamental gameplay of v1.7 will be the core experience of Spellsouls.

As part of this commitment to this direction, we have already started working intensely on adding more content to v1.7 and adjusting current mechanics to make things as balanced and fun as possible. As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts on 1.7 and any suggestions/feedback you may have.

Thank you all for playing and sharing your feedback!

Bring back our casters return to old style petition

Since its decided that the fundamental gameplay of 1.7 will remain, there is one bug i noticed when avidly playing the game before writing the review. Its a glitch that occurs with the treant early game. After the mana limit is raised to three, as the mana in the bar starts increasing from 2 to 3, if you play the treant sometimes the minion wont actually be summoned but a reddish white form ‘ghost’ of it appears that simply stands there and does nothing for the rest of the game. I will try to see if i can get it to occur again and post a video of it.

Also a few other things you might like to consider is

  • 1). Adding a draw mechanism; under countdown both me and the ai hit 0 health at the same time yet it counts as my loss instead. This situation is quite rare and in all the times i’ve played its occurred only thrice, but it would still be nice to see a draw happen rather than it count as a loss.
    -2). Losing under countdown; winning under countdown reduces the amount of trophies you get by half, however losing under countdown still takes away the same amount of trophies. I believe the loss should also only take away half the usual amount of trophies.
  • 3). Restoring PvP; If there are other players in the pool instead of matching them with an ai you could match the players instead? And in cases where there are no other players in the pool, the person can play against the ai.


Same with nature guardian-guy with a stick. he becomes shadow on battlefield but doesnt summon. bug indeed.
@Jess you misspelled insanely (intensely) :):hugs: :+1: