Summoners hero abilities, no info


How come there is no summoners ability information anywhere in the game? I kinda expected it to be shown when I chose my deck.

I have no idea how long is Archangels stun, Pyromancers ignite, or Necromancers skeletons have health and damage…:frowning:


We’re definitely going to address this, it’s just not a priority now - as we’re trying to improve other elements of the game which are crucial to the core experience.

In a nutshell, here are the stats:

Ameryl’s stun duration is 3s
Ruul ignites the enemies minions and deal up to 15% of damages through 5s
Mordrake summons skeletons which have 50/10 health/attack.


But you can just add that in the text on the right side where the types of
spells are with yellow letters… :stuck_out_tongue:

Ability: stun 3s

Ability: ignite 15% for 5s

Ability: etc.


We still do not know 15% of what dmg, how does that work. :slight_smile:


15% of maximum HP of unit :slight_smile:


What @utkozanenje said :slight_smile: