Summon Healer gets damaged by Punish Arrogance


Not sure if intended or a bug. Punish Arrogance is supposed to make enemies "take damage equal to 400% of their attack. Healer, who doesn’t attack actually gets damaged by this quite a bit. Maybe the healer has an attack value even if he never attacks? Or maybe the heal value is stored in the same object location where attack would normally be.

Maybe it is intended, but Summon Healer is fairly underwhelming to begin with, especially for an epic card ( which is why I got 4 of the damned things and no other epic spells :slight_smile: ).


Well Healers look like they are attacking their own ally and not healing them. Maybe I just have wrong idea how healing should look like cause of all mmos, rpgs and mobas… By that animation I would say it isn’t a bug but on a logical side it is probably no intended to work that way.


I sometimes drop a healing hands on the healer so he does damage instead of attack. I think it works right as it is… the heal amount is the damage amount for punish arrogance.