Suggestions for future updates


Thought maybe a thread with update suggestions might be a good idea.

I’d suggest 1. Some sorta chat system
2. Maybe more details on player history eg fav caster, win/loss ratio, total battles counter.
3. Slight redesign of some spells with the new changes as players have mentioned.


We’re definitely looking into these, but there are a lot of other things to be done before we can tackle them :slight_smile:


Interesting would love some details on stuff you mentioned. As much as you could anyhow. Main reason being I’m sure other players not just myself would love to think about proposed changes and just maybe be able to add a detail here or there as you guys are working on it to maybe polish the idea more if I worded that correctly.


My suggestion is that matches for players in the global top 50 are recorded and saved, accessible somewhere for players eager to learn or just to see someone they lost to get smoked.

My second suggestion is a global chatroom.

Third suggestion: friend-add function. Will be able to request friendship. If accepted, friends will be able to see if one another is online. Can also request matchup.


Spoiler (click to reveal)

One of the things which you’ve mentioned shall be implemented with the next build

Another one shall be addressed as well. I’m curious wether you’ll like it or not.

Generally - keep suggestions coming, we’re definitely reading every one of them. ^^


I have some suggestions:
Summoning mechanism should be recovered, like before this update ,we can decide to group minion together or not.
Now minions are vulnerable to range attack ,which makes Ruul predominate this game. Eruption and meteor strike can destroy all at one side and orb of justice can destroy all spawning monions at one time.In this case Ameryl have no chance to heal them. Summoning strategy can avoid this problem.
Also, spells should be added more. picking 10 out of 18 for each spellcasters is too less. Obviously, some spells are useless—so there’s even fewer choice. Now people with same spellcaster act almost the same and their action is predictable, which makes the game a little boring.


I agree with penguin one of the main reasons I was finally able to beat him. Remembering his pattern ect, I feel we need a lot more variety and the whole going back to old spawn could be an idea ( although I love when people try to one lane my Ruul as it’s easy to wipe em, I preferred the staggered spawn approach ) keep the whole player choice on ability button but yes bring back the staggered approach even tho the re adjustment will be annoying in long run will benefit game and add some individuality back to each player.

Please please please both new casters ASAP give us something to keep your players here. We need a lot more spells penguin is right again 10 of 18 is not enough. Also maybe give community a comp in respect to helping create a caster spells everything that would be something very unique to your game having a player composed caster that many players possibly have thrown ideas into to. I know I’ve suggested a few ideas on possible casters and spell options in past.

For now tho keep up the amazing work on the game it’s a challenging and rewarding experience thus far can only hope to see the game grow deeper in future.

Peace out (AUS)Drags3840


I support refactoring spawns. It is too convenient for some classes and big penalty for others.
Maybe leave it like this till level 10-15 so new players get a hang of it and then place them as you like.
Also be more restrictive to new players so they can have some clue what to do :slight_smile: (sorry if this was done already, didn’t start a new char for a long time maybe you have some tutorials now or something like that)


I think there needs to be a way where we can earn money and upgrade faster like some Quest or something like side quest but other than that I think the games pretty damn good