Suddenly two swodsmen became three


Hi there. I’ve noticed this today at ca.08:50 game against DucVN. At the crucial moment of the game (03:15) Ruul against Ruul, suddenly two swordsmen became three. Didn’t noticed this before. I am playing on IOS. Can you take another look on that?



Hi Dirk, we’re looking into it. It seems like a bug within our replay-system, but I’ll get back to you to confirm.


@Dirk_Diggler it is an issue with two spawners being placed at the same spot, so two units are created at the exactly same spot and they look like it’s only one unit. We’re going to fix this issue with our next release.


oh, that makes sense. I’m sure I’ve seen someone with one less spawner than they should have, and unlike me, they probably didn’t forget to place it :slight_smile: