SpellSouls to the United States


Fellow duelers! You wouldn’t have seen me lately, as I moved from Taiwan to Florida for college. Definitely sad I can’t play this great game anymore. But there’s always a reason why the developers haven’t published the game in the states yet. Most likely, the countries that have access to SpellSouls are trial markets, its players beta testers, who suggest tweaks to the game until it’s ready for the main market - China, U.K., U.S., etc. But that’s my guess.

Oh Nordeus staff, when will I get to download your app again?


toull be happy to know you are locked into a high leardboard position forever since you dont lose points over time.


I set payments for Croatia from Serbia on Iphone and can download it from that market. Try to meas with payment t settings and see what happens…


Yeah, what we have in here is basically a semi-open battle test, rather than a release. I wish they branded it as such at least.

It seems Nordeus took a leaf out of Blizzard’s oldschool development book, and doesn’t want to fully release the game until they are really happy with it. I can’t fault them much for that, as it has been steadily improving. Patches have been for the most part 2 steps forward, 3 steps forward 1 step backward 3 steps forward. The last patch feels solid so far, apart from Zyra having too obvious a weakness, which I’ll cover more extensively in a post I plan to write this weekend.

All in all, I feel we might be approaching final release. Fingers crossed.