Special abilitys


Ok let’s talk special abilitys at this game changing stage where you can activate at will now…

I’d say ameryl and valen by far best 2 abilitys I’d say mordrake and Raul sub par.

It will be interesting to see the new casters abilitys and how they play in game but I think now you have the change where we can activate abilitys mordrake and Raul’s abilitys are lack lustre.

Maybe if mordrakes was raise minions at maybe 10%-20% health not as skeletons but more spectres of their former selves he would be more interesting. ( plus at later date when you give us vampire skills back that’s game changer there ). As really I feel skeletons are nothing to combat two hits most out of way. To have a spectre with low health but values of former self would be nice. Still easy kills but at least have more impact than as I call them useless bones.

Now Raul… my least fav ability I’d say ignite… it is ok I guess but you gotta follow up with some good fire spells to be more effective. Here I’d say there’s not much else you can do with fire so really he’s a character backed in the corner that has to rely on good spell combination and timing.

There’s nothing to change on ameryl or valen perfect easy to use abilitys that change games just don’t wanna see us all use just those 2. So maybe a tweek to mordrake like suggested might help.

Still wanna see something on both new casters. I can only assume that a character with the ability to slow down enemies is what’s coming and if not well it’s something I’ve thought long and hard about and have basically designed a character that encompasses that idea.

But anyhow that’s just my thought for day see you on field (AUS)Drags 3840 out…


It just came to me change raul’s ability to a volley of fire arrows that rain in from behind doing small fire damage to all enemy minions and igniting. Or a wave of lava that crosses field doing same fire damage and igniting