Some questions/brainstorms about mechanics


Hi, my first post here so …

Before going into the things I feel like they are missing from the game - thumbs up for the elements already in it.
Goal of the post is to enrich functionality of gameplay (if at times it sounds like criticism)

  1. Somewhat inflexible/limited use of creeps because of rune mechanics - is it possible to add an option to “infuse the rune” with a spell - giving the creeps that are spawned from that rune the added effect in the attacks/defense departments (aprox +10% effect - similar like a buff). Buff is applied to all spawned creeps for either 1min or until changed/disabled… Infusing the rune works like any other spell in terms of mana/card costs. Atm not recommending more then 1 spell for infuse mechanics - so not to get overpowered creeps from one rune.

Idea is to add more of strategic approach (modifying your armies) in addition to existing tactical (direct spell casting), by using existing minions. Merger of both approaches could enrich the choice of tactics to adapt to battleground changes over time - instead of having constant type of creeps (results) from one rune after you position it.

  1. Creeps experience gain - is it possible to add the following mechanism - after a creep is summoned he will either hit an enemy creep or get hit by enemy creeps, and every time he hits another - he gets a slight increase in damage, and when ever he gets hit by enemy creep(s) he gets a slight increase in defense. Cumulative bonuses gained must be hard limited at some cap to prevent Hulk-type creeps.

Idea is to reward the creeps that lived trough hell with respective higher stats (higher damage inflicted and/or lower damage taken), to gain some divergence instead of uniformity of stats on the battlefield, which will influence your priorities on the battleground.

  1. Interconnected rune potential - many times I see games end because defender was out of creeps at specific place/time in the arena (while other creeps are wandering in another lane/part of battleground), so my suggestion would revolve around adding mechanism to enable/disable runes.

Disabling runes, will let you control where you want the creep spawn (only enabled runes), and by disabling some runes, other runes get faster spawn timers to produce creeps where you need em.

Penalty in using this mechanics is that even though you get critical creep spawned where you need it (to defend/survive or to focus/push), reactivating the rune will reset its spawn timer from beginning, so you loose some respawn potential in the long run.

For now 'nuf from me :slight_smile:



I personally would like to see a minion type added. We have archers, defenders aka tanks and attackers swords men. If a type was to be added I’d say maybe the route of a minion that destracts, or similar to valen whith his phalanx a minion that pushes back.


No no, i didnt imply to stop developing new creeps, what I meant was - no matter if game has 3, 30, 300 creeps to choose from - option to give creeps from the same rune different buff troughout the match can adapt the role of those creeps (and their rune) slightly to changing conditions in the battleground as minutes go by.


@MellonReply about experience gain

Effect will be small due to high spell resistance(but will influence game). also, card management will create “hulk-like minion”. Proper spell application to preserve 1 minion, archer for example. Stack him with growth, helaing buff or push enemy minions in front of him will give him if you say ??% per hit…??% in total after 4-5 seconds. since this is fast strategic game, strong unit on battlefield will tilt game.

Did you see how battlefield shift toward mordrakes abomination once it comes into play. Create it and all what opponent does goes into killing it, so other mordrake minions are free to kill you.
5-10% for abomination, even he is slow, tilts game very fast. I vote against this feature for now.

@disable/enable spawn: in fast game, this will be abandoned by players or will create 1 line of attack. I will speed up upper or lower line of attack. mordrake will dominate here with use of sacrifice. he can wipe out entire attacking line. this is interesting. I am neutral toward this, and would not use it. 1 OFF will speed up all others…so if I turn off all but one they will pop-up like in production line?