Sneak peak: Update 1.4.0 - new character and much more


We’ve been getting a lot of feedback from our players who have been asking for more Spellcasters, so we’ve listened and will be adding a few in the coming months.

New Features

  • Valen - New Spellcaster who is now unlocked at the very beginning. This brought some changes in the order in which we are unlocking our Spellcasters. Also, you can now see some sneak peeks of new Spellcasters that will be introduced in the future.
  • Metagame and spell changes - As we are doubling down on introducing new Spellcasters with distinct spells and abilities, we’ve changed some of our metagame and progression in the hope that this shall lead to more variety and a much deeper gameplay.
  • New environments - To enhance your experience, each Spellcaster now has a unique environment which is in line with their style and lore.
  • Home screen improvements - We have changed the way you navigate through the Home screen with the goal of making everything more accessible and easier to use.

What does that mean to you as a player?

As we’re changing the distribution of spells, when they are unlocked and when you’re gaining new characters, we’ve been discussing how to make the experience great for all of you.

In case you’re in the possession of a spell which should get unlocked at a higher level then you are currently, you shall get levelled up to that level automatically, so you can keep your spells.
The same rule applies to characters you’ve already unlocked.


You have unlocked Ruul at level 3, who is now unlocked at level 7. You shall automatically level up to level 7 in order to be able to continue playing with Ruul.

Important: 500 gems for everyone

We’re aware that in some cases, you shall be levelled up to a much higher level than you are now, but due to the lack of opening chests which naturally occurs when levelling up - you won’t have unlocked many of the other spells.

So we’ve decided to give everyone 500 gems in order to compensate for that and enable you to build up your killer deck as fast as possible.

Important for Players who have bought gems

We are extremely grateful that you have been supporting us during our soft-launch and your feedback has been instrumental in improving the game and making it what it is today. So we’ve decided to refund you all gems you’ve spent up to this moment, you can spend them as you wish in this case.

Let us know what you think about these changes! We would love to hear any and all of your thoughts about it.

Watch out for the app-store update!


Keep up the good work lads! I have some comments on different spells that definitely need improvment/balance. Every spellcaster have 1-2 useless spells at this time. Ameryl has best balanced deck in my opinion. Ruul has this totally useless spell last charge, which have much of potential but needs to be added AOE to be usefull. Price of 4 points should not be changed having in mind that Mordrake have sacrifice which only costs 3 points. Killing Spree is another example. The cost should be lower her, like 3. Mordrake on the other hand has too many similar spells like acid weapon,plague and curse of undead. It would be nice with some more variation like more defensive oriented effects. Sugestion: Spell “slow” as AOE or “quicksand” instead of undead army. Undead army is exempel of useless spell after some 10th level. Basic spells need some balance too, especially with cost. Anyways, cool players and my favorite IOS game so far! Cheers!


I’m excited about so many of the changes I’m not sure where to start. I’m confused on matter of card levels and gold though, will we get to keep those, and will card levels work the same way as before?


Yeahhhh! Gods have heard our prays :innocent:
Give us more data to see what will be done. And more HD pics for desktops and sounds for androod and iphone themes :calling:



Im so HYPED pls Tell us more i allrdy cant wait what u guys have for us(:
Im not playing the Game so much in the Last month Cuz Different reasons.

Thank s again that u guys put so much work Into this Game!

Cheers EzdriaL


Please make match making be in possible background (while game is in focus), so we can read spells, change deck (just deck, not character), take a look at leaderboard, etc.
Also, while game is not in focus and match making is in progress (sometimes I wait for few mins to find an opponent and it’s really really boring), can game send us a notification when opponent is found so we can get back into game? Sometimes I even forget that search is on going and when I return to game I just see loss :smiley:


Will any of the other spell casters be getting new spells. I want new spell for Ameryl so badly!

#8 sunlight maybe convert, just like mincontrol for undead, conversion can be same spellin her deck.
What spells do you propose. Gods have their EAR on us so speak your mind :slight_smile:
What type of spellcaster will valen be? Maybe you give suggestion for card from gis deck or from future decks…
Stealing cards from other casters and adjusting them for ameryl can go both ways. Chat, alliances or teams, tournaments, new maps i prefer more than new cards. Not that i disslike your idea. All would be great :smile:
For now we can guess. I hope to see drafts.