Short good/bad review on newest update



  1. Graphic – previous graphics much better, hands down! I did watch videos on youtube of other similar games and none of them comes even close to what we had.
  2. Three lines of attack/defense –I got used to a two lines with open battlefield. Present solution is very different, I still have problems adapting.
  3. No spell defense – once overpowered in a single line there is no way coming back. I have not managed yet to defend from full attack coming from one line in mid or late game. Previous version with spellcards only allowed you to stun enemies or slow them or something. This is 1:1 related to good one.
  4. Level progressing without improving card strength– helping each other inside a clan is good. Bad side is that giving away cards i pump my level without upgrading cards. So i earn exp just for helping others. That does not make my minions/spells stronger. And i run into much stronger opponents which is big downside of this solution. Other solution than tha,t will be more than welcomed.


  1. Strategy – as much put strategy on bad side at first, I gave it a chance. now I can say that strategy is more complicated now. There is no more units inflow on a regular basis. You must worry for units and save them as much you can. Strategy is divided, since minions and spells come from same source.
  2. Minions – head to head, now there are more than plenty minions to choose from. Archers and swordsmen from previous version are now fooder for big units. Many tanks, many mid-level units.
  3. Opponents – i like fighting real or not now i do not have to wait to find opp. Because of strategy there is no winning deck of cards. No winning spellcaster strategy. Ok there is thing to fix such as first hand so i don’t have to wait till i get enough mana for a card. No winning deck is positive.
  4. Number of different cards – big plus since we had like 8 cards available. Now +4 which is 50% increase.
  5. Short battles – as mentioned before, if strategy executed properly duel lasts about 90 seconds, which gives plenty of time to play 20-40 games, or to take 5 minutes off and have 3-4 games.

ADD pros and cons on everything you find good or bad. If this is as is for now let give hints what to improve and get the best of it.


This is really great feedback and helps our team a lot! Thanks as ever for your valuable thoughts and suggestions.


EDIT: UNUSED MANA FLOW - After mana fills tank, you do not get any more mana until new card appears. It would be nice to change this so players will be able to have more mana :slight_smile: Prediction is that games will remain same duration.
First limit is set on 2 mana and you get +1 for each card turn :slight_smile: well, some events without that limitation would be nice. Just to try play like that :blush:


I edited last comment. It is confusing in writing so better to correct it. :slight_smile: have fun and play DA GAME :smiley:


Leveling rare cards so far: 40 cards till next level. Never to achieve :slight_smile: anyway great is that rare cards are RARE. They do not drop like bombs. As difficult to get help to strategy, since I have to use cards I have to battle.

Also I hope there might be: you ask for suggestions on arena looks. You receive custom arena looks and make some poll from which customizations to choose. Players vote and rewarded arena makers get some reward and arenas are used as present arenas or at events or something…
Also some customizations for minions will be mostly welcomed. Shield, bows, arrows, flying carpets, gas tanks…
Guild Arenas, guild cups( LIKE wORLD CUP, BUT WITH GUILDS :slight_smile:) EVent arenas, holiday arenas, tour de _____ arenas…
+1 : is there possibility to make X arena, where units from upper left will go to bottom right and down left to upper right corner. Middle section remains intact. Meeting in the middle will give option for minions to collide. After middleground, victorious minions will continue to move in designated direction hit castle or spelllcasters tower :smiley:


no spell resistance: as you see spell resistance was removed. Great improvement, since upgrades allow me to inflict as much damage I want. BACKFIRE: you may upgrade deck cards only. by that you will rule your current level since leveling cards and donations boost your level.
if rule of deleting previous donations grom history is instated same MUST apply at players. I did some good stuff and if not permanently recorded why do i need level points for that. MUCH better is loading some donations cup and for each 50-100-200-400-500-600-800-1000 donated cards you get chest with gold/crystals…along with symbolic gold you receive by donating cards :slight_smile:


ingame warnings on spellcasters low health. visual warnings :):scream:Preformatted text


Mana limit at the begining of match must be increased to at least 6-10 and then increased by +1/2 for cards. check activity in first 10 secs. more mana at start makes games even faster