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Hi everyone!

We invite you to share your feedback about the latest game version here so please write your:

  • Thoughts - Which features do you like? Which do you not like?

  • Questions - Are there any aspects of the game that you do not understand?

  • Suggestions - Which features would you like to see implemented in upcoming releases?

Let’s get everything in this thread!

Thank you :sunglasses:


You basically pulled a plug on version with amasing visuals, leaving us with… This…
We were fighting enemy spellcasters in previous version, now we fight mountain with 3 doors… Wth really?
Maybe combine previous version with minions from this one, ie. add option to customize spawn rune in deck builder. This way my Ruul could take goblin marksman and archers into fight…
Current version seems way too simplified, for me at least. You were talking about different tactical approach, I can’t see that here…
My thoughts are still with v1.0. My heart is still with v1.0
Hope to see it again


Well, I’m no way playing THIS… for the simple reason that there’s no longer pvp! We’re fighting machine generated enemies, with minions way too strong for the time of the game! I’ve used a lot of runes to open chests and I have barely Elemental lvl 7, I face let’s say “players” lvl 6 with Elementals lvl 9! No to mention that I fight so called people which an never be seen on the scoreboard.
Last version was way better, instead of improving that one you created a totally ew game, which has nothing to do with… spellsouls!


Hey guys, we really appreciate the time you took to leave detailed feedback. We know this is a massive change and we needed to make it in order to properly address some of the core gameplay issues we had. That said, I know that for everyone who was really enjoying the previous version it will take some time to get used to the new one. For the time being we are closely listening to your feedback so please keep the ideas coming! Thanks


Well you lost a player here all I’m saying the changes are pathetic at best you created a clone of castle crush. I won’t even give this version a go as it has no resemblance to original.


Very bad your up date version… I really loved the old one because I passed lot of times to play with. But now it is pathetic to play with new creatures :frowning: You just lose a player.
Hope that you will get back the last one!
Thank you


Looks like you lost your fan base with current changes hopefully you’ll take note and go back to way game was. All you needed to do was introduce other casters as you had planned and create some extra spells changing the whole dynamic of game like you have was a poor choice and I know if I was involved with project I would of fired whoever made this poor game change idea. It sucks all I’m saying amazing game now apparently gone way of the dodo.

To finish… to the idiot who decided to change a amazing game to a clone of a very boring game. Well done you just destroyed months of excellent work and gave us a pile of crap in return. Artworks on card look pathetic I loved artworks of other version now looks like a kid drew cards. Really really Dissapointed. I’d be concerned with creators of castle crush suing you for copyright as honestly right down to your menus you have copied.


Consider renaming current version to ‘minion spawn’ or ‘minion spam’ :rofl:
Really, this shouldn’t bare name of spellsouls


:+1::+1::muscle::clap: three lanes are much better than two lanes and give more on strategy.

:+1::+1::muscle::clap:Much more minions than previous version  direct impact on strategy.

:+1::clap:Different strategy. Now I have no idea will i win or not.

:+1::muscle::clap:Spell upgrades influence level. If my opponent uses only few cards he can build them to the max or i can do same and kick anyone on that level. Earlier was spell resistance and we all had interest to upgrade as much we can to reduce damage to minions +increase damage of deck.
:+1::+1:Higher control of unit spawning and placement. Earlier two lanes of placement had less control.
:+1:Battles now last less than in previous version. Either that or i suck at present version.

:-1::-1:No more spellcasters. I prefer spellcaster rather than open mouth. Or that can be some crystal ball(how i see it) and minions trying to wreck it. Once it is wrecked spellcaster and all minions present on battlefield should die, like in previous version.
:-1:Graphic is not as good as previous version.
:-1:Phone gets pretty warm during play. Or I play more games than earlier so phone gets warm and battery goes down quickly.
:-1::-1:Strategy is not on spells any more. Now is on minions. Now I have only 2-3 spells which cause damage and cannot influence outcome on battlefield. All other cards are minions.
:-1::-1:Minion walking lanes do not cross. Earlier version allowed minions to move if needed near spellcaster up or down depending on enemy minions. Since there are no SC lines do not cross. I wish I can order minions to move up down on battlefield. So far only Svetlana can move minions up-down.
:-1::-1:No missions. Crystals now can only be bought, since daily free crystals are quite lower than previous version.
:-1::-1:No stats about minions on battlefield.
:-1::-1:No zoom in or out
:-1::-1:now mana and card bar are related in bad way. System should not remove any upcoming card if I do not use it. That is very bad solution. Previous solution was much better.

:-1::-1::+1::+1:Gold from battles. This one is both. As much i like receiving gold win/lose now it takes much more effort to upgrade any card. I need 100+ victories to get 500 gold coins. That is bad, good is that i do not need to battle that often since i get 1 case per 4 HR time and chance to get more coins every 16-18hrs after 8 victories, which reduces mentioned 100+ victories number .


  1. Why is intro short, lacks of more explanation?
  2. I want to skip intro and go straight into battle, why cant I?
  3. Why cards are not explained in detail?
  4. Why Special ability of certain cards such as smash of pyro and its strength is not disclosed?
  5. There are only few arenas, why not more?
  6. Will there be purchase only cards?
  7. Will there be upgrade shop for minions and spells?
  8. Shop for upgrading minions such as helmet,armor,weapon. Also price both in gold or crystals depending what i have at hand at that moment.
  9. Will there be more cards?
  10. Will you return some cards which were removed such as acid pool/resurrection/holy spear…
  11. Will there be any radical mechanic/graphic change such as this one?


1.:+1::+1::+1:Each card to be explained to details. If minion card: on left part of screen, card itself on right part bars and stats of minion about health in bar and number, speed, range(better with stickman explanation so I can visualize his range), single or multiple unit targeting…
Different intro, and more than usual battle instructions – short videos like in “dinosaurs and Cadillac’s” or some other coin games :ok_man::mage::space_invader: yes I`m old

  1. :+1::+1::+1:In detail explanation on mana and card appearance bar – how they are related and why, how does that influences strategy?
  2. :+1:Crossing lines – remove borders + allow minions to walk on whole battlefield.
  3. :+1:Zoom in or out on battlefield
  4. :+1:Ability to click on unit during battle
  5. :+1::+1:Upgrade shop, where i can buy cards for both gold or crystal in order to upgrade some cards quicker. Eg: 1 card is 10 gold and price goes off 2 gold coins for each purchase so 100 cards cost 10.900 coins  or 5.950 if increase is 1 gold coin per 1 purchase. Of course different basic price and increase for common/rare/epic cards.
  6. :+1::+1:No castle just spellcaster.
  7. :+1:Low/high graphic button in settings so I can save phone battery.


Game is now a clone of castle crush from strategy to menus to units, shit I’d say castle crush does it better. Go look at SouthPark phone destroyer that’s what Spellsouls should of moved towards not this 3 lane castle crush clone shit. Returning spells ect lmfao they cut down the spell options again in this update even less than the version we had. I partition a return to old set up 100%


Hey Guys,

I really don’t now what is happening here ?
Spellsouls did one of the best game graphics physics mechanics etc. there was not a single game like this in the whole market.

Now someone decide to just copy another cash crap game. It’s so obvious in the later stage of the game u can’t win if u don’t spend money. I know that u guys don’t want make a game which there is no profit.

But HOW u can decide to kill such of a Genius game like Spellsouls.@Jess Pls Pls Pls I swear pls gave us the old one back.

I was loving the whole concept from Spellsouls with all the caster cards the game dynamic it was fuking lovly … if something will not change here I need to leave aswell.

Cheers ez


I forgot to suggest more leaderboards. Plenty of them. If game is competitive, give visibility to that competitiveness. IDK if there is possibility going back in graphics and mechanics. LEts wait for @Jess.


just realised there is now an opening in the market for a really cool dual lane game where you have casters and use cards to buff your minions. Hope you find a demographic for this new game. Clearly it’s not targeted at all us players that loved the old game. Up until now I thought you guys must have some genius designers working there. Now I think they all left or have been given a directive from management and are really unhappy about now.


I would like to see some dungeons to earn some coins some of uss dont like losing ther rank …it just an a ideea dont take me on serious

  1. It will be great if you could make card trade market so i can sell cards to guilds or players.
    I have plenty and offer to sell to players.
    for coins or gems.

  2. make leaving guilds difficult. if he enters guild and chooses a rank he will not be able to leave it in month or three…


I ridicule the battle system game… So it has several claims and has no changes in relation to the battle… The image speaks for itself, and a shame