Servers Maintainance crash



Few minutes ago I experienced a match crash due to server maintainance from server side.

What happens to match outcome from game perspective in that case and do achievements from these cases affect daily quests?

For example, my task was to destroy 5 towers and in this match I have destroyed both enemies towers.

Didn’t have time to do screenshot and can not re-enter the game to check this, since servers still seem to be down.

Thank you in advance. :slight_smile:


Hey, mate!

We sometimes have unannounced quick-fix server releases, and we had one this morning. When this happens, all battles in progress are cancelled - you neither lost nor won. And quest progress is lost, unfortunately.

There are plans to fix this in the future, so people playing the game won’t be affected. I am sorry you lost your quest progress :frowning_face: