Scores not appearing on leaderboard


just found out some people can see scores on the leaderboard. i cant and neither can a bunch of others in the guild. what is up?


That is actually a test we are running as we are looking for ways to improve the overall Leaderboards experience so we are trying out different approaches. Feel free to share any improvement suggestions on the topic if you have them, thanks :slight_smile:


cool. I’d love to be able to see the points also.

Here’s my suggestions on how it would all work.

  1. each player’s score is visible on the leaderboard, along with their rank.
  2. leaderboards are reset each month - so its a new race to the top each month, with the people getting awarded some sort of ranked prize (ie. a chest) for being in top 5 / 10 / 100, etc… at the end of the month.
  3. in the Win/Lose summary at the end of a game it should show how many points each player gained/lost from the match.

This same data could also be used for the guild leaderboard - guild points = sum of all points of all guild members. Guilds get awarded a ranked chest at the end of the month 1st, top 5, top 10, top 20.

if you don’t want to reset the leaderboards periodically, then you really need to lose points each day, because currently lots of inactive players are permanently locked into high spots on the leaderboard. Though if you go this way you’d need to deal with the whole field slowly dropping to zero and below. you could probably award more points than you lose to adjust for this… (ie. if I beat someone, I get 25 points and they lose 20 points).

A game I’m playing currently has world chat, where people in the chat get “frames” around their avatar icons, based on what rank their guild was in the last guild wars. I recon that is worth pursuing if you’re looking into world chat. So a gold frame might represent the top guild… a silver frame might be no.2, etc…

great job so far anyway. Looking forward to what you add next.


Score degenerating system should be applied to encourage those active players


Oh yeah, before anything, add elo rank decay. There are people in top 50 who stopped playing 6 months ago.