Replays go out of sync


Looks like you have some desyncs in your replay code. They stay in sync for most of the game - over 3 minutes. The desync is exactly the same every time - same incorrect outcome of the battle every time I watch it at any speed.

I have seen 2 replays now where the outcome in the replay shows a loss, when it says (and was) a victory, and vice versa - ie. sometimes says it was a victoryit shows a victory when I actually one.


Hei @MaDPuPPeT,

We’ll take a look at it and will come back to you asap.

Thanks for reporting!


Cool. You can look at my replay against (AUS)Drags3840 for the latest example.

I won and it correctly says I won, but I lose when you watch the replay.


Even the outcome is right ,the gaming process is entirely wrong. I see spellcaster of my opponent die instantly in the middle of the game.


I’ve uploaded a sample to youtube. It isn’t as huge a desync this time but you can clearly see it is out of sync in the last couple of seconds of the combat. Maybe it will help track down what might be causing it?

The video has the original game, followed immediately by the replay of that game. The killing blow at the end is very slightly but clearly different in the replay.


Thanks! Our devs are looking into it and the video helps as well.


Just had a game against dirk diggler ( amazing player ps ) in replay he wins I lose. Match was at approx 11.30pm australan time I dunno maybe view my account replays. Please please please bring new casters out next and both not just one please


Also I would love to be able to share vid but know not how please help us there if you can.


I use

its free and can capture video on windows or mac from ipad/iphone airplay.


I only use the iPad itself lol. Would love to see designers put in a share replay option many other games have it this one needs it. But cheers mad, I’ll look into it