Repel on an orb of justice minion


In a Valen vs Valen game,there’s a situation quite strange but interesting. That is, casting a repel on an orb of justice minion that is about to die.When the repel is about to take effect , any attack won’t let the minion die. Instead ,the minion transform to a pre-devasting state(its health is zero) and then be repelled and explode instantly. The orb of justice should be last for 8 sec but in this case not .

This is a definitely a bug but maybe a special mechanism developer create. This make the timing of repel againt ob very important. Too late or early repel cause whole of your minions die. Only in the special time zone the developer create save ur life.


Funny how I found this topic so late, but even if it is a bug, I find it an amazingly fun one. It’s difficult to do as it needs perfect timing, and it mostly happens in Valen mirrors, so it doesn’t hurt the balance.


Similar thing happened to me, with jump tho. Perfectly timed jump puts your minion in motion, although his health is already depleted. Minion will do dmg and stun, and simply die. :rofl: