Remoção de conta


Como eu faço para excluir a minha conta para recomeçar do inicio ?


Good question. I hope admins will find solution.

Will like to know too.
Try to write to support, from ingame. They have been very responsive to me.


tem que playgamer excluir a conta e depois ir na configuração do jogo e clicar em limpar histórico assim você poderá iniciar uma nova conta!


I think your account (unless mearged with facebook) is tied to your phone. So there is no option to start over on a same phone. But I may be wrong @Milan_Matejic I know you started new account. You did it on a new phone?


Thank you @Shane! If I recall correctly @Milan_Matejic switched from android to iOS (or vice versa), we do not have the mechanism to save accounts in those cases.

There is really no elegant way to restart the progress for now. The only solution is that we wipe your entire account along with all data and eventual purchases, but you have to request it (Settings > Support); Note that after this it will not be possible at all to recover the account should you ever change your mind.


It was same account migration was done from Android to iPhone.