Ready for the Wraith Challenge?


Hey Summoners,

You probably already noticed in-game but we’ve prepared a new challenge for you guys.

So get ready to get down and dirty in our new Wraith Challenge. This mysterious hooded entity packs quite a punch. One swing from his massive scythe usually ends in destruction for his foes. Make it to the end and you’re guaranteed a premium Wraith card!

We also have some exciting news coming for you guys in the coming weeks. For now, all we can say is make sure to look in-game every Wednesday and throughout the weekend for brand new challenges to tackle. More info coming soon!

-the Spellsouls team


bela dica!


my favorite card in game.
Last few games enemy card lvl is high so my fire does not even kill skeletons, but I handled it somehow.


Could you tell me what is the prize at the end of challenge? cause i won it after long time and many gems and won just one card from wraith is this the prize or it is more than one card ? i don’t understand, cause i already have wraith i though i will win higher level of it such as 4 or 5 , thnx


yes wraight card.
You need cards to upgrade them to higher level.
Also you get 120 other cards and 1k gold as well as gold crystals and chest along the way.
I am not sure how much crystals invested is ok to spend for what you get though.

Also for those who decide to give 50 crystals and do event again, you will not get that guaranteed rewards (gold crystals chest and epic wraight card)