Punish arrogance on healing strike


When I cast a healing strike on foe’s minion and then a punish arrogance,the minion doesn’t get any damage it should be,but instead it gains health . Pretty strange a bug.


Actually, I don’t think this is a bug. SpellSouls has this game mechanic cuteness in other places as well, so at least that’s why I suspect it’s intended.

And we can also add to the fact that Healing Strikes is already too strong, so at least this makes it slightly more awkward to use.

I see how it could be viewed as inconsistent; for example, you can damage the healer with the Punish Arrogance, even though he is also dishing out healing, and not damage.


yep math is pretry simple here. if he is buffed to deal more damage more arrogant he is and will be striken. vice versa, he heals other units and is not arrogant therefore spell which uses his dmg to dmg him will give him health. i see no problem in this one :wink:


Is that an another nerf for Valen after this update?nice job