Please add this feature


Ok very small feature to add but could we somehow have what country the players from displayed? If you click there profile ect. Maybe just a flag? I would like to know if I’m the highest ranked Australian player I’m in top 100 so I’m assuming so but would like to know for sure would be cool to see where payers are from just by a simple flag region locked of course


I wrote about first screen when you see your opp head to head. Display of stats on front screen would be great. National flag is small one, if player want it OK but for me is more important game stats of opp so I can see what strategy he uses. or just general stats on both players. flag is OK + 3 letters of country just like the Olympic games.

Games played/won today:
Points won today:
Damage per game/highest/lowest damage:
Rank change
Most used card: this is optional I prefer all cards to be hidden, even in replay :smiley: - player himself can choose if he want it shown.

#For the record, I strongly oppose disclosing deck in replays.


I like the deck in the replays. it helps new players learn tactics.

I’d really like just to know the players spell resistance and rank before a game started… it’s annoying to that you only find out if you can one-shot an enemy archer or healer, and if they can one-shot you, only after you waste your set of spells and potential lose any momentum you have for winning the game.

Also I don’t mind losing to someone who has 52% spell resistance since it wasn’t a fair fight. Its nice to not have to go to the leaderboard and find out afterwards if it had been a fair fight.


tactic is callled that for a reason :slight_smile: i so not mind loosing to anyone. beginner or pro if he outplays me i will learn from that for sure.
this stat-like quests are great.