Patch 1.2.1 changes impression


Hi everyone, this is my impression so far for new patch changes…

*Wizard UI picking is a bit confusing , needed some time to figure it out how to pick a wizard… There is an icon which i dont know what it means , that’s why i was swiping , trying to pick another wizard instead of clicking on the icon and spending more time clicking overall.

*Battleground is a bit bright and shades around of it are darker, i rly don’t like it, previous battleground was much better imho, but i like light effects around battleground and behind the wizard.

Ameryl :

*What i dislike is general dispel change and I’ll explain why. Because of minor delay in game Cleans spell change is not so good, for example opponent uses Possession and i know what unit he will possess so i was using Cleans in advance when unit is still in my possession to dispell it and now i cant do it because it can’t be used on friendly minion, so i have to wait for my minion to be possessed and take few hits before i can dispel it. Also against Ruul, now i cant use it to dispel Fire Chains.
*Saving Grace which is loosing its value using it only for dispel, because when i want to dispel something , some disable for example i have to do it right away and this is a problem especially on start of the battle when it pushes enemy to his tower after dispel making me loosing lane anyway… Overall these changes forcing you to play both spells in deck which i dislike…
*Mass Resurrection AOE range have to be shorten so it can’t reach both lanes.

Didn’t play Ruul that much because i dont have enough epic spells to play it properly, so i cant say anything worth saying :slight_smile: .

Mordrake changes are really good , but as i said before i would like to see Undead Army as in beta version (summons 3 skeletons on your half of the battleground) giving you 3 things, pushes enemy away from your tower/wizard, defending you from Possession in mirror matchups and from Ruul soaking dmg from Dragon’s Breath, not consuming corpses ofc.
And minor bug to report about minion with Immortality Shield which can’t be killed with Soul Fissure.

Some shop rework have to be made, because it’s not worth buying anything from there imo.


Hey Friends,

Im in Kenia in the easter Holiday and i dont had that much Time to Play. :frowning:

  1. i rly Love the new Map Skin Its so Shiny and much more detailed.

  2. The Mordrake nerf ist perfekt, i cant Play ameryl anymore i rly dont now why :smiley: Maybe im a noob.
    I Tried so many Different strategies But i dont manage to win.

  3. I fully agree with Kika the Shop is Pretty useless why i Should buy 1 rare for 2000 ? If i Need 50 to lvl up better i wait for the chest, it was usefull when I was in lower level.

  4. what can I say about Ruul? He is now Aviable if u are good u can beat ameryl and mordrake.i just don’t like his playstyle.

More later on <3

Greetings from Kenia

Cheers Ez