Origin Challenge has started!


Hey Summoners,

Did you beat the Origin Challenge yet? No? C’mon then!

It may have just started but all you need to do is win 12 battles. Easy enough?

How many battles have you won so far? Don’t be shy, share your success stories with us!


So I have won 12 what now


now share your deck and strategy to help others :slight_smile:


I won every single game where my opponent didn’t have mana offering.

If they had mana offering I automatically lose it’s a broken card that gives the advantage to the person who has it. I’ve never been offered it to purchase or won it out of a chest so therefore I can’t move up anymore

Seriously, fix the card or give it to everybody it’s simply not fair that your opponent can play it 10 Mana card on Turn 4


Every time my opponent use mana offering against me I will put something in different lanes and then when thier monster comec in my range that i can place a card in front of thier monster i will use my wraith to kill them
I used to struggling with mana offering too haha i hope this will help


A wraith doesn’t stop 3 lanes fill of skeletons. Mana offering allows a player to put combos together late game that you can’t do as well. It has multiple advantages throughout the game

For example, the 10 mana 3 lanes fill of minions with an instant soul construct is something only someone with mana offering can do and that combo is insanely devastating.


Lucky you. I reached max 11/12. Don care. Played vs mana offering many games. Will upload them soon on youtube channel. Good stuff is that wins filled my victory chest so i disnt have to play twice plus event opponents are way more difficult than regular so its nice.
many had luck not to have xxxx opponents. bravo :slight_smile:


I know soul construct is pain in the ass
It need to be nerf


Lightning or necro vs him. he is unstoppable :frowning: so asap you see skeletons kill them :slight_smile: