Orb of Justice - charging it with healing cancels the damage


Probably not a bug since Spellsouls does have these weird-cute-mechanic-features anyway ( for example, punish arrogance on a unit which has healing strikes heals it ). But maybe this one wasn’t intended …

Orb of Justice was changed to not charge from spell damage but only damage from minions, so that more damage heavy casters could counter it - I like this change. However, if a unit with Healing Strikes is hitting the orb and healing it back for the damage that other minions are dealing it - it cancels the charged damage. Meaning that the orb can easily explode for 0 damage if you Healing Strikes one of the units.

This is not a huge problem since it’s an anti-synergy that’s up to the player to avoid ( similarly how you avoid to use stuns while you have a Healing Strikes on an enemy up ), but I just thought it was a bit weird.


Simillar with deal damage with anomination. Counter reduces damage once enemy puts healing on abomination. In the end damage done with first and second abomination is annulled with third AB.

Math checks out but it is weired. GG

Any info on upcoming guild ranking/matches and tower of legends?
I could use also some activity log on guild members to kick outinactive and recruit more active players.