On Golden challenge – Great event


Event started without any forum post, just announced and left to sit there, below chests. At first I didn’t even want to open it, had some losing streak i wanted to break.
In past i have listened horror stories from guild bully, that even he had troubles coming on top  in these events and his stories were pretty intense.

Had to ask my crew if anyone risked with event. Got answer on total haul: 2 Epic cards, 21 rare cards, 177 common cards, 20k cash…GRAND PRIZE was mind twisting.
After little coffee, clicked hot button “JOIN”. Whole new arena opened :roll_eyes: 9 steps till grand prize, 2 chances for comeback. Main problem -:mage: HOW to reach goal, “strategy”. Went back and spend quite a time in:facepunch: :call_me_hand: ”WAR ROOM”, preparing DECK. After a while I lowered my expectations. Let’s say I win some/loose some and finnish/brittish :slight_smile: with 10k gold and whatever I get from cards. At least ill live to tell my end and hustle guilders for not being honest about difficulty.
Once I pressed “FIGHT” button I knew ill go till the end without stop- DO or DIE. Trip from 0 to 9 went as expected. NOT EASY. After i lost for the second time at 6-7/9, i knew, it is what it is. And won next two-three games in quick back/forth rush. Reward was as guilder told me it will be. Published pictures of haul in other post on forum, you may have missed it New Challenge on May 9 - Epic Cards Galore!
Then I woke up some greed inside. Damn, I did it once. I can try once more. And once more and once more. I was amaized to discover that i have 50% discount for entrance fee  greedy all the way… i swept opponents 9:0 in II, 9:1 in III and IV attempt(V was 5-6:3). GRAND TOTAL: 88k gold 8 epic, 84 rare and 808 common cards out of 5 attempts. Now to find more runes.

And managed to break losing streak in regular matches.


I agree I went 9-1 and 9-2 and the cost was worth the pay check. I am interested about the new arena coming out though if it will bring new cards I may want to be saving my gems to open new arena chests to get a head start on collecting those new cards… just a thought the new arena may be 6 months away.


thats what i got for 490 gems. 900 cards, limited time offer. My opinion: worth cash. includes rare cards which is great. no runes is also great.