News from the dev team


Hey everyone,

I know you have all been waiting for the new update as it has been a while. From everyone in our team, we apologize for the delay.

We have decided to shift our main focus on improving the core gameplay elements. Spellcasters should have a much bigger influence on the overall playstyle in terms of different and unique abilities. We are also focussing our attention on increasing the variety of all units(Minions and spells).

After a lot of great discussions with you guys, our engaged player base, we have come to the decision that the current iteration feels too limited. Our goal is now to increase the ways in which you can create your own unique playstyle.

At the moment there is no specific release date for the new update but we will inform you as soon as we have something substantial to share. You will of course be the first ones to find out as soon as we have more concrete information.

We apologize once again for being silent. We have spent a lot of time internally talking about where we want this game to go and we truly believe we are on the doorstep of something great for you fans.

Feel free to follow up with any questions you might have.


Will there be event this weekend?


What you’re talking about is easily achieved with adding more heroes with unique abilities and more cards. And I mean a lot more. You could’ve at least tweak current game - slightly nerfing Mordrake for example. Game is not playable full screen on edge devices (cannot see health bars on upper lane towers). Zoom in thread on these forums should be also implemented.
Maybe add trading for epics only (1 epic for 1 epic trade).


hum…I just want to say hi


Ill fire an idea out…

If you want more unique play style, each caster should have access to a much larger subset of the spells -or maybe all of them, But spells get special reactions to different conditions… so some spells might do extra damage to units that are sped up, or on fire, Or maybe spells stun someone who is slowed… etc… this means the casters special ability can now be used to modify the potency of spells. So a bind spell might make last twice as long if the player is invisible, or a fire spells might do half damage to someone who is crystallised… etc.

This instantly opens the door to many more unique strategies and counter strategies that players might come up with.


Also, I do wonder if 8 active spells are enough… it makes you game very predictable since it’s easy to burn through to the spells you need. Though if you had more spell, you could easily end up with 4 inappropriate expensive ones which would kill your early play…


the casters are pretty unique as is, though there tends to be only a couple of strategies that are used with each caster currently due to the small selection of cards and the need to come up with a single set that is flexible against all other casters.

A lot of choice are currently made just because you need a deck that is effective against players that are online a lot and very good, like tyantyan.

Im not sure how you get around that other than by introducing more luck into the deck so you can’t have a very deliberate tactic - you’d have to build more strategies on the fly if you didn’t have such strict control over what cards you have.


This really seems like something devs should be looking into


Making the core gameplay more complicated and steepening the learning curve for new users isn’t a direction which we’re looking into. Have in mind that most of you folks on the forums are hardcore players :), it’d be much easier for us if we made a game only for you (and therefore us), but the challenge is to strike a balance between easy to pick up and depth.


One of our core pillar has always been that we want players to have as much control as possible and minimise the ‘luck’ component and maximise the ‘skill’ component in order to win matches.

There is nothing more frustrating then a bad hand at start deciding a match in our opinions.


So basically just add more caster specific cards and share less cards between casters?
The current special abilities are pretty unique between casters and all of them seem pretty powerful.

I think the biggest ongoing problem will always be that you need to build a single deck that works fairly well against all other casters. You can’t just come up with something anti-valen, if its going to be weak against mordrake, because you’d lose all the random mordrake matches… so that ends up just being 1 or 2 strategies per caster that everyone gravitates to. So all the players don’t seem to unique other than their skill level varies as to how well they can pull off those strategies… and of course some strategies don’t work unless your AOE cards are quite high level.

I haven’t thought of anything so far that could affect that without adding complexity, so will be interesting to see what you guys come up with.


An example of this was when our guys were trying to work up a good deck… against Ruul, the shackles was pretty useful, but it was a useless card against TyanTyan’s mordrake (at the time) which is the bigger threat, so we couldn’t really justify using it in the deck.


personally I have no real issues with the core gameplay. Its just the metagame is boring for me now… all I can do is go up and down the leaderboard by magical amounts. There’s no other interesting tasks to achieve. The daily quests are ok, but mostly just amount to having to play some games with a particular caster, usually at the cost of some leaderboard ranking.

the guild chat is great - our guild chats a lot. Would be great if we could watch the replays of guild challenges.

still need some sort of metagame though - maybe some weekly async battles against super-powered AI, that the guild has to collaborate to take down. The chests at least gave me a new goal to reach, even though they were just a grind on matches…

would probably also be a much better game if there were more players… when I’m logged on I’m usually just cycling through matches against the same 2-4 players who happen to be online. And there’s no world chat to interact with them.


Since shift is in motion and most of our suggestions are taken into account how can we contribute further? Regular player and hardcore player are two worlds.
Also making loss more probable outcome for any player will be great change. Single working strategy change, I look for that switch.
Also game start without introduction or tutorial eill be great change. You can start game without intro and explore it in your own way. Larger deck or spell usage limitation can change outcome and force us into other addaptations :wink:
one christmass and one new year event will do :):heart_eyes:



Hi everyone,

I wanted to give you a brief update on our progress. As mentioned in the first post we have decided to focus heavily on the core gameplay elements.

We took some time to explore different approaches based on all the learnings we got from all our users. We now have a specific direction for the current gameplay and the development team is working hard on implementing all of our ideas.

We understand that this is taking more time than we expected and that you are eager to see what we have been working on. We hope to share a more specific announcement next week so stay tuned! Thank you for your continuous support, feedback and engagement!

P.S. as we are focusing all of our efforts on this for the time being, there will be no weekend events for now.


thx for the update, looking forward to it!


Thanks for the update. Looking forward to the new changes.


I’m passed at update mad how bout you?


Game feels totally luck based now. Maybe more to the random ai foes and whether or not they have higher level cards you can’t beat.
So much for core pillars.


If you pick deck and boost it to the maxxxx at your level there might not be anyone to beat you. i will wait till i get l8-9 with spell strenght since im still beginner. Once we all have more less same strenght of cards some strategy must appear.