News about the next release


Hi everyone,

In the past few weeks we were completely focused on developing the new game build and now is the time to share more details with our players and give you some insights about what has been going on in our development team and what’s about to go on!

Based on all the feedback and learnings, we have come to a conclusion that the current game direction is not the optimal one. In order to create an experience that players want to come back to and enjoy for a long time we needed to change some of the core game elements. We have been working on a new build in which we will:

  • Definitely maintain visual consistency with the current game
  • Try to make the learning process for new users more intuitive and straightforward
  • Offer you more ways to build your deck and try out new strategies

As soon as we roll out the build you can expect that:

  • We will need to reset the current progress for all our users
  • Users will receive in game compensation as soon as the new version is rolled out

We are hoping to release the new update in 2 weeks. There are always some unexpected factors that might influence the release date so the date can be pushed back a bit but we are doing everything we can to prevent that.

We would like to thank you for all your great feedback and continuous support so far! We are looking forward to sharing this build with you and getting your input so stay tuned, we will post on the forum one day before the release.

Feel free to follow up with any questions you might have.


So happy to know it,hope everthing will complete as soon as possible:grinning:


Can’t wait to see the new release!

I assume we will get the gems back, but the gold, and progress gained with it has to be reset, correct?


Ok you are gonna compensate all expenditures. That’s cool and fair. But I also feel that players who didn’t spend but dedicated a lot from start should receive something too,players that have added to this community on ideas and such really should be thanked aswell.

Also is this meaning a global release aswell as I know a,Erica players that have only been able to sit on sideline thus far would be good to see a wider range of players in new update.


@Malvolio correct, we will reset gold and progress.

@Drags3840 We appreciate the time that all of you devoted to our game and that is why all existing users will receive compensation! I can not share specific amounts cause we still need to see, considering all the game changes, what makes sense and what will be fair to all! We will not launch the game globally yet.


It was about time to do something with this game. I presume you’re thinking not only to clean up a bit the “house” (players in top 100 which quit game as we’re never meet them in battles no matter the time of day we’re playing), but also rethink the experience gaining mechanics (stuck at 23 since last update), unlocking spells upgrades, as some rare spells can’t be upgraded beyond lvl 8, adding vibrate option when a battle begins aso. Cheers


Zamolxis leaderboard cannot be only one. I gave several ideas back in a day on that. These missions proved that they can make leadreboard on each spell usage or damage per battle or else :slight_smile: yep top100-300 must be reset. me included. there are plenty ideas and ill wait to see which ideas were included.
ill have wuestions after intro is released :slight_smile:


I’m top 100 and yes I stopped playing as I have been waiting months for update. As soon as update hits I’ll be back. Other games have came along while this one had became stale for abit. I’m excited to see changes with this update.


To developers of game you should look at a big competitor to this style of game I’ve become rather fond of. South Park phone destroyer. As soon as you update this game I’ll be back, but South Park is something I guess developers should at least take a look at as it’s a new game very similar to what this is.


For me it’s titanfall assault, as I’m fan of that franchise


Any new spellcaster coming along with the next release? If yes may we have a glimpse of his/her next spells ? Thanks


@Drags3840 once you come back :slight_smile: feel free to join my guild :wink:


Won’t be back sorry to say game is pathetic now.


If I wanted to play castle crush I’d download that. Game is nothing like it was and very dissapointing