New Update or Announcment


Hey Guys correct me if I’m wrong.
Solid said 2 weeks ago that we get an Annoucment.
Maybe there are working on a big update or new caster and there are not rdy yet to announce something.

BUT WHY u guys are not just talking with us or let us now what’s going on ?

I’m not blaming I’m just little bit disappointed cuz in the early stage of this game we got way more information

See u on the battlefield

Cheers Ez


Totally agree with Ezdrial, I wasn’t expecting this from developers . What’s the point with community site if moderator doesn’t answer for 2 weeks and has promised announcement that never came out. Many annoyed players in our guild…


Oddly enough I was preparing yet another meaty post, summarizing my impressions concerning most of the gameplay which will apparently get changed anyway. I guess there is not much point in releasing it now, we have to keep our fingers crossed and wait for one of these updates to hit us.


unleash it M. It may help them in further shaping game.