New Update is out!


Hey Summoners - the new update is live!

Our art ninjas have done some amazing changes to our card visuals in the deck menu. We reserve the right to check out any and all tattoos you get because of this sweet artwork.

On top of that, Minions and Spells in battle have been updated so now your pathetic skeleton horde will look even more useless as your opponent’s buffed up Corruptor rips you a new one and chucks you into the sun. We’re not saying don’t use skeleton horde though. You do you.

For those of you who speak or want to learn Vietnamese or Thai, we have added those languages to the game. Tap the little gear icon and change the language to whatever you desire. As long as you desire one of the 4 available languages. Our quality is impeccable, according to our expert localization team which consists of one Canadian guy.

And last but not least, we are working on a new Legendary Arena. In this update you’ll just get to see the teaser though. Yeah, it’s the wrapped present for your birthday that you can’t open yet. Sorry. Get your butt moving to ascend the ranks, cause if you don’t, you won’t be able to open that present even when it’s released.

See you in battle!


This new visual update looks more the amazing. I really have no words. Everything is much more clear to see. Just keep it going like this!


New visuals are indeed beautifull. I would only comment on the new app icon… it now looks so generic :frowning:


人物改得很漂亮丶但是這樣的玩法不是我喜歡的!加上對手根本就是AI…這樣沒有挑戰性!我還是喜歡舊版的玩法、多麼很希望能改回舊版丶繼續優化舊版。舊版卡片效果震撼力玩起來很爽快!This text will be blurred


Loving the game. Graphics are amazing




**Maintenance so far, new update is out :slight_smile: Expect good stuff :slight_smile: **

See you all in battle.


This game is so cool and i appreciate the technical team :wink:


Thank you for the annonce,