New update epic matches


Here’s a match that was incredibly intense I came so close to being wiped and failed on a defence spell. But goes to show you have done amazing on update. Thought starting a thread of vids after update showing some epic battles would be a cool idea.


wow. nice save


which program used for recording? mine recordings are +500MB size and takes xxx hours to update.

nicely played!


I just used phone camera then uploaded to YouTube benefit of iPad playing and having phone to record easiest way I’ve found so far


On today’s iOS11 update there is integrated system option of screen recording:

Since I sit at work at the moment, had no time to try it, but it might be an interesting option. :slight_smile:


great update

since my ios is 10.3.3 so ill get myself regular-to-pc-attached camera and do the job :):face_with_raised_eyebrow:


JazBKN if you can upload our fookin epic match please!!!


Here it is, great comeback :wink:

PS: I forgot to turn the sound on while recording, but it’s still good.
PPS: The new screen recording option on iOS 11 is awesome.


valen vs valen has some crazy long matches.