New update: 1.6.0: New playable characters and more


Hey Spellsouls gang,

We’ve got some exciting new updates for you! After listening to your feedback, we’re introducing Guilds to the game. You’ll be able to join forces with your friends, challenge guild members in a friendly setting, get additional cards via guild chests events and donate/receive cards to & from your guild members to build up your epic deck.

We’ve also added a new playable character, Lyra. Lyra, the illusionist, comes with a whole new set of spells. Let us know what you think about her spells and gameplay mechanics.

As usual, we have new balance changes to help even things out. There’s also a sneak-peek of our new characters and something we call the Pro-Era.

Check out the full change-log below.

As always, your feedback is of utmost importance to us, so let us know what you think.

What’s New?

  • Guilds - team up with your friends, collect guild chests and support each other by donating cards
  • New playable character - Lyra, an expert in deceiving and tricking opponents
  • Sneak peek for new Spellcasters
  • Pro era competitions tease
  • New Necro battleground
  • The way Minions are spawned have been changed based on your feedback


Balance updates - we’re continuously balancing our Spellcasters


  • Spawner timer 20 seconds→18 seconds
  • Special ability is charged with mana spent instead of time
  • Spawner runes now spawn unites immediately after placing. They are no longer synced with old spawners

Spells balance

  • Poison Weapon: mana cost 3 → 2
  • Plague: mana cost 3 → 2

Curse of Undeath: no time limit.

Healing Strikes: duration 8 → 6

Possession: mana cost 7 → 6


  • Mana cost 4 → 3
  • Duration 9 → 8

Solar Flare: duration 3 → 4


  • +10/+50 → +20/+50
  • Mana cost: 3 → 4

Spells reworked

Killing Spree

  • Renamed spell to “Flash Strike”
  • Friendly minion quickly attacks up to 3 enemies, dealing 200% attack damage to each

Increase max radius of jump

Scorching Ray

  • % Damage decreases the further the Minion is from Ruul:
  • 50% at zero range
  • 10% at furthest range
  • Damage is scaled on distance

Undead Army

  • Spawns 3 skeletons around target enemy unit. Skeletons damage upgraded with spells upgrades
  • Mana cost 2→4

Orb of Justice:

  • Only absorbs physical damage
  • Damage is now scaled instead of duration


  • Every wave of fire deals the same damage

*Summon Abomination

  • Can now be used with both graves and skeletons


  • Phalanx now ignores collision with all friendly units/objects

Mordrake special ability

  • Can not be used if there are no graves on the battlefield

Ameryl special ability

  • Can not be used if there are no friendly units on the battlefield

Ruul special ability

  • Can not be used if there are no enemy units on the battlefield

Valen special ability

  • Can not be used if there are no friendly units on the battlefield


wow, fantastic update. game is on a whole new level. gonna take some time to kearn the changes but so far everything looks great. love the new spellcaster. very sexy art. my complements to the artists,


Very interesting changes, before I have time to comment further, I was confused by this:

Mana cost of jump was previously 3, and is still 3


NO Taiwan in guild country list so sad


You’re more than welcome to join my international guild then, Penquin :slight_smile:


Looks great, love the idea of guilds and graphic improvements. Still, I don’t quite understand why is Valen’s special ability dependant of presence of friendly units on the field. It was a lifesaver when under siege and new units are about to be spawned to defend.


That’s probably exactly why they did it, it’s the nerf that was coming. Either that or it’s a mistake :slight_smile:


Great design. Lyra here is quite different ingame. I prefer those chest to be redsedigned ingame so she is more lovely ingame such as in HD wallpaper.

Love how meteor strike is redesigned. # FOOKIN` A! I am amazed in most positive way!

FLash strike is nicely done. Lyra will be able to use it quite well since now, haven’t tested her much.
Random spawn creation and that part of strategy is back online and ill see how it will work out. Cant wait to test it tonight.

Do PLAY after 22 HRS CET, so we can test with no rest :smiley:


Can u let me join your guild? i have no friend to play this game :frowning:


Of course, always a spot for such a highly skilled player as yourself :slight_smile: - you just have to make an application ( you click request to join somewhere I think). Interface doesn’t allow me to add you otherwise.


ask for cards u need and ill help as much i can :wink: also tell your friends and enemies for troll crew recruitment :slight_smile:
troll crew is mine his is full for now :slight_smile:


hey malvolio, can i join your elite guild?


puppet you can join autoboti :slight_smile: aint eite but does the damage


please implement clan leave/join limitations. for example 12/18 hrs between joining and leaving guild. smrh like that


People are changing clans because it is an only way to see the other clans (or i can see only my guild). And everyone wants to get positions in the best one. and for example, even when i left my guild, i stil cannot see malvolios guild


search button does job for me pretty well. i can see all guilds but only via search. still no ranking for guilds


Ok round up.

Great update impressive as hell. New caster looks amazing (just need cards to actually experiment with her fully) although this may have caused a slight bug I notice games slowing a lot when either Lyra or mordrake are really crowding the field with clones skeletons ect. Guilds are a amazing addition from what was a lifeless game to now feels like there’s players there.

All in all amazing update… to see 2 new casters added to the coming soon amazing both look awesome. Ice queen hmmmmm sounds familiar lol I love that idea as I mentioned it awhile ago. Really look forward to seeing more on the new casters soon. Can we ask for a better teaser than last one maybe a spell anything or quick flashes of intense battle moments with brief quick tease of a spell in play.

But for now keep up amazing work. If there is a glitch in the slowing down I mention would love to see that fixed sooner rather than later as it is impacting game quite a lot. I’m running iOS 11 since update to that game yeah slows at certain stages.

As always peace out (AUS)Drags3840

Ps what ever happened to those spells of old molten wall infernal spikes vampire strikes ect I really feel these lost cards could really be reimplemented and if they are obsolete do we receive something for the loss of gold spent on upgrades ect I know those spells I upgraded a lot and used frequently.


So far I’m enjoying the patch quite a lot. It seems there is a guild chest event happening in 2 days. Could we perhaps get some more info on how that will work ?


Guild event is fun and inspire members to cooperation. Our guild have finished it in only 15hrs and long waiting chest to open. Hoping next event will be more challenging like higher chest level with harder task also with greater rewards.


With 13/30 active members, we’re pushing through level 5 atm. Can’t wait for the chest. Btw, funny how first event ever is almost over, and no community coverage from Nordeus at all. Strange…