New update 1.5.0: Daily quests and more


Hey Spellsouls gang,

We’ve got some some major changes and improvements with the new build.

Are you ready to have your skills and wits tested? We’ve added daily quests to keep you busy. Please let us know what you think!

Check out the full list of changes below.

New feature

Quests - optional daily challenges to put your skills to the test


  • Minion spawning mechanics - we’ve improved the placement of minions and made it easier to time them and send minions in formation
  • Special abilities - special abilities are not tied to spawning minions anymore and can be triggered separately

Balance updates


  • Attack speed 0.66 → 0.75
  • Damage 30 → 25
  • Nerfing Tanks (5% DPS) should help Swordsmen become more important.


  • Healing range 2.1→1.8
  • Slightly reducing range should reduce situations with completely one-sided battles


  • Each grave increases attack by 10% and health by 30% → each grave increases attack and health by 10%


  • We want to reduce situations where a single swordsman (with spells like Growth) can completely destroy a tower.
  • HP 400→500


  • Mana cost 4→5

Necrotic Grasp:

  • Rarity Epic→Rare
  • Damage 160→120
  • Mana cost 4→5

Soul Fissure:

  • Damage 100→80


  • rarity Common→Rare

Curse of Undeath:

  • Mana cost 3→2

Flaming Weapon:

  • Mana cost 3→2

Flaming Coat:

  • Ignites surrounding enemy units every 2.5 seconds → every 2 seconds.


  • Damage 220→250
  • Mana cost 7→8

Lava Rift:

  • Damage 100→80

Healing Strikes:

  • Duration 5→8 seconds

Chain Lightning:

  • Damage 120→100
  • Mana cost 6→5


  • Damage 160%→200%

Mass Charge:

  • Damage 240%→ 320%

Spell Tweaks

Protector Wings:

  • Mana cost 4→5
  • Instead of healing the same amount of HP to all units, it heals over movement time now, so will heal less HP for units that moved only slightly

Dragon’s Breath:

  • Damage 160→50%

Scorching Ray:

  • Remove "friendly fire"
    Damage 100→30%

Killing Spree:

  • Friendly minion quickly attacks up to 3 enemies, dealing 200% of his attack damage to each.
  • Increase max radius of jump

Poison Weapon:

  • Change to % (60 damage → 30%)


  • Change to % (100 damage→50%)

See you in battle!


One big complaint straight up so what now it doesn’t matter how you play spells in strategic ways as to build up to rune??? It’s a timer so both build even I get it fair but on top of that you now make rune placement no matter what a wave??? I really dislike this as now you have no timing strategic wise no matter what it’s gonna be all spawning in a wave making it so that you can put rune either in front or back is not making up for loss of timing. Experienced players suffer again last update loss of cards this update loss of entire game plan timing wise not happy honestly.

The whole quests thing ok earn gems won’t complain but also just won’t do ones that don’t align with my caster choice.

I’ve noticed minions now attack each other slightly better on field I see swordsman now charging my healers and I say damn but I like the change there as I gues as in past I have complained about lack of minions interacting on field so thumbs up on that tweek if there was one. ( and I’m a ameryl user saying I like my healers being attacked lol)

But that has a negative also as now I have no minion spawning timing just always gonna be a wave no matter when you drop rune, protecting healers is gonna be hard.

The caster selection screen is absolutely spot on tho this will be my biggest praise it looks stunning and is easy and very catching to eye, work there I say is done leave it as is right now it looks friggin awesome, best you have done so far don’t mess with perfection there.

So there’s my quick look at instant view of update I really really dislike the loss of timing on rune placement no timing of spawning just waves is a big step backwards it’s simplistic and too basic for a game that had such amazing depth and strategic playing. Please change it back keep button to activate abilities that’s fine it’s actually a amazing move but limiting players spawning minions to nothing but a single wave come on you dumbing it down too much.

As always this is (AUS)Drags3840 saying peace out and see you on the field.


OMG tyrantyan finally. I have taken you down… OMG I’ve been waiting to beat you well played but man I deserve a thumbs up on that battle one of the best players out there. Thankyou for the game Tyrantyan.

On this note you would like us to share vids of our play ect but really provide us little to do this with still no communication of players in game is a bit dissapointing. What is needed is a chat room with a auto translator to players settings English ect so we can share our replays and chat ect it would improve game a hell of a lot.


+2 spawn fields on both sides are revelationn. also planning is better now than it used to be. if i count well 10 spawn fields in total are now available, not 8.
same time spawning is nice but i prefer random timing. this is radical change. just like special ability separation. also i see that spawn number are now timer dependant, just like trigger. and special ability does not stack, that is pity, but way better than stacking.

i lost several won few with these new rules. looks like we all have hard time adopting with new changes.


same spawning time. strategy here is to delay placement until next spawn so you get 1+ unit on table for a turn. not much but does the job.
Hide archers behind brawler. this strategy works great with ameryl range card.
There are some movement changes or smth. I see different walk. and leverage gained with archers is significant. ok you can kill them with ruul.


I will say seems that it has given new players a better chance at us top 200 players


I notice that you say in update notes that you adjusted towers so a buffed swordsman can’t take out in one go. No offence but lmao I have never had it happen to me more than we do right now since update.

I think you need to up their health again or something as now matches are over faster than ever.


Honestly gonna say its becoming increasingly rare to see a match go past second rune placement. So is this not taking away from game depth??? I really think it is now if you get a good draw you can pretty much end game in as little as 2 waves of troops (as we have no say on wave structure now).

I believe this a huge backstep and fear experienced players will walk away as all updates seem to do is effect the experienced players more and more.

Wave structure was a key element you even had a loading screen about it saying time rune casting to tip favour of battle. Now it doesn’t matter one bit on timing just a good draw and you are victorious… I have seen too many games that become incredibly stale when basically you are praying to get a good draw and that’s it. Least when we had the ability to time our minions spawning when we had a bad draw now it basically good luck if you draw bad spells. Making it so I can place rune in front or behind original minion is not making up for loss of minion spawning gaps we used to be able to employ.


Another game changing update. Game is much faster now but tactical depth is lost with new summoning rune rule. Spell cost is unbalanced between spellcasters. And archers became ridiculously strong.
What happened with spell resistance?
It seems that level 8 is the maximum level for rare spells but I still get these spells from chests even though I have reached maximum level. Is this ment to be so?
This is the most frustrating update so far.


My experience after the binge playing weekend is that the game’s skill floor did not descend very much - if at all. Personally I’ve lost quite a lot of games, and it was always because I did something wrong or wasn’t thinking up ahead enough. I had 2 quite schooling losses from Navi. I just made so many mistakes, and if you know you are making mistakes, you can’t say the game is too easy to play.

Personally, it could be harder now - harder but more intuitive. Just watch the replays and you see why you lost. In previous patches it might not have been as obvious.

Maybe I just need some time to get used to it, and I’m really noobing it out this patch, but the game is currently not easy for me to figure out. (and is the most fun I’ve had playing this game in months )