New update 1.4.1: balancing fixes


Hi everyone,

Based upon your feedback, we’re releasing some balance changes for our new Spellcasters. Let us know what you think!

What’s new

Balance changes

Changed minion stats in order to make Swordsmen and Archers more useful

  • Tanks attack speed 0.75 → 0.66
  • Archers attack 30 → 40
  • Archers attack speed 0.75 → 0.66

Fixing some underpowered and few overpowered spells in order to balance out our characters


  • Removed 10 seconds duration restriction, now lasts until unit dies.


  • Deals 100% damage → 160% of damage
  • It will affect Mass charge damage as well, so:
  • Mass charge mana cost 4→5

Inspiring Presence

  • Remove 16 seconds duration restriction, now lasts until unit dies.


  • Mana cost 5 → 4


  • Duration 6 → 8


  • Mana cost 4 → 3

Saving Grace

  • Mana cost 4→3
  • Remove “dispel enemy effects”

Soul Harvest

  • Mana cost 4→5


  • Mana cost 3→4

Fire Chain

  • Mana cost 6→7

Wall of Pain

  • Mana cost 2→3

Bugfixes and improvements

Fixed some under the hood things in order to kink out some bugs and improve our player’s experience


Very nice indeed maybe mordrake won’t be so overpowered now.


I still say mordrake needs a nerf, he has the best combos in game and a lot are very overpowered.

Eg. Acid pool, followed by soul harvest makes him only character that can kill a entire group of minions in one hit.

I also believe that the fact that that he can posses a minion buffed by opponents and have it destroy opponents combined with above combo makes him way overpowered.

I would like to invite anyone to give me a example of another character that after update has any combos that compare to above mentioned. If you want game balanced then mordrake needs to be looked at he’s O.P as all hell


Solid please check acc. I cannot acces him through FB. It report it like it is used by other device or smth.
Just deleted old version of spellsouls and installed new one. Tnx in advance


About balancing the game. Second alternative instead of wait 2 months each time there is a update is to give be a bonus which soil you spawning. Excamble. Ruul at fire platform gets +2,5 % damage. Too beat Malvolio on graveyard soil must be the most ultimate you can do, and btw how works the rating system? Is there a formula?


Mordrake grrrrrrr I could share a few replays showing exactly what I mean by him being way too overpowered. He has way too many seriously overpowered spells.


If u know how to use them he is ok. Just like valen or ruul. So, practice spells and you will be just fine :wink:


Still stand by mordrake needing a nerf or others given something to combat him more. Only spell caster that gets mana points off a spell. Also I reckon that spells shouldn’t target his skeletons that’s a bit of crap like chain lightning ect or any come to think of it they are fodder nothing more he’s already too over powered as is he doesn’t need them absorbing attacks like chain lightning as well so I think there’s a valid adjustment right there. I’m pretty sure tons of us have had a Skelton pop up and take brunt of a spell that basically could of turned the battle or even a accidental cast on a skeleton as it popped up and got in way of intended target.

All in all it’s the best game on iPad, my favourite by a long shot. malvolio, summed it up well in his post, I just don’t wanna see this game turn into a mordrake fest as he’s currently the best caster on field. I appreciate the efforts of the team in their balancing efforts you are doing well no doubts there great to see the community listened too.


Introducing ticket system? Ingamr problem reporting. I cannot acces to my account yet.


Hi everyone,

We’re announcing a small tweak related to chest timers that we have just released. Most of you already know that we have been working on this in the past trying to find the best solution and our work continues, so from now on the opening time will be:

Fine Chest - 2h
Artisan Chest - 8h
Deluxe Chest - 16h

If you have any feedback about this change please share it with us, as it’s crucial to improving Spellsouls!

Thank you!


Yep, just saw it. Nicely changed. Glad to see small o.o time decreased. did not expect that big O.O chests :wink: time will go up :smiley: members will have times halved -50%. How do you rate this.

p.s. jess, can you look up to solve an issue I am currently having with spellsouls. I changed platform from android to iphone and cannot get my old acc back.