New update 1.3.1: Community Tab


The new update is live now! In this version we bring you Community tab!

This is the place where the Spellsouls community lives in-game. Here you can get some tips and tricks from Top10 players, find out the latest news, browse cool streamers or have your content featured there as well. To open it just tap on the new option on the Home screen and enjoy!

On the top of that we have been working on fixing some minor bugs.
The minimum iOS version is now 9.

Let us know what you think!
Spellsouls team


As mentioned in previous tab, great update. Will improve game and help new players to catch up with tactics. More txt+videos 15-45 sec max in this section will be spot ON.

  1. Hide chest you won but cannot claim due to no space left, please. I do not want to see ehat I cannot have :’(
    In addition, put warning, you havr no space left. Victory will only give you money and exp but no chest. To continue press battle…