New update 1.3.0: Challenge friends, Replays inside


You’ve asked and we’ve listened! This update introduces two new features that have been requested for quite a while:

Challenge a Friend

You can now challenge your friends and test your skills in battles against each other.
Go to Leaderboard > Friends list and you will see that your friends can have 3 statuses:

  • Green - the friend is online and can be challenged
  • Red - the friend is currently in battle and cannot be challenged
  • Nothing - the friend is offline

Once you challenge your friend they will have time to accept or decline your invite. Your invite can also expire after an amount of time TBD.

Battle History and Replay

There is now a new option in the Player profile that lets you see your previous battles, check out your opponents and their decks, and replay matches so that you can improve your battle skills!

On top of that we have worked on fixing some minor bugs, but do tell us if you find any that we’ve missed.

See you in battle!


The 2 features I was most anxiously awaiting for. Kudos!

The replay screen looks great, both hands visible, you can speed it up. Well done guys.


Great update, cannot wait to try it!


I believe I’ve stumbled into a bug, can some other players please try to recreate it? After watching a replay, I can no longer see the leader board ( the loading icon keeps rotating forever ) - at least until I restart my phone.

Playing from an iPhone6s+


Hide decks :smiling_imp:
Cant wait to test it.


Nicely done replays. Perhaps new button R at front page might help, or battle->1)arena 2)replay might help. Better to choose between replay and new battle than to go to profile. Better relation for me is to be there.
Any thougjts on adding tutorials? About every imaginable thing. Images like u put here are good enough. Some playable parts may help like mini missions but not “must”.


I would still like to see hidden decks. otherwise this is an awesome update.


Nice update :thumbsup:


Oh MY!
Why do I fight with you always?ALL THE TIME!
I’m Lv.14 Nameless, U’re Lv.21 Sunlight Queen !
Do not hurt my heart deeply Plz!!:sob::sob::sob:


Haha Im sorry Nameless/ Laevateinn, sadly i dont control the matchmaking system. while I do see your frustration and agree with you. level 14s should not be paired with level 21s as its extremely unfair. Ive been level 21 for a while and I once got paired with a level 5. It was not a satisfying victory. The matchmaking system in this game is kinda broken tbh.
maybe they will improve it in later updates. anyway, Good luck to you when facing me in the future. I hope you can win against me because I learn more from a defeat than from a win. # spellsouls.


Yeah, I know. I’m not come here and blame on you, I’m so grateful I can pair with a master like you.
Just kidding for what I said!
We are all enjoy this magic world, are we?
Long May The Sunshine!


“Long May the sunshine” You are the nicest person I have meet on the internet. spellsouls community is the best. I love this game!


I have negative score with sunlight. So matching me with lvl16 and lower kinda warms my cold dead heart :smiling_imp:
Yep matching string with weak may come with some…handicap in order to make game playable for lower lvls.
And yes it happens i lose from low levels. This is just a game.


Thats actually a really cool idea. A handicap placed on higher leveled players would be a great way to achieve further balance in this game. like lv 21 vs level 14 is pretty hopeless for the level 14. maybe the higher level could have their spell resistance taken away so the lower levels spells work at full power and the level 21s spells only work at 60% or whatever it calculates too. What is your in game name Milan?

I forget to tag it here. Adjusting resistance to equal lower ranked player is nice solution. You must improve matching screen first. When we are head to head stats display in same screen will prepare us in these few seconds for upcoming fight. If i see his lower lvl and SR i will adjust my strategy to that.
Only difference will be card lvl which is ok.
I am not sure about % of strenght per each lvl to change since every change there has direct impact to game strategy and ingame mechanics.

Sunlight, have you had any thoughts about “god mode”. 60 points at start and get 3-4 points every second.


Still on the topic of adjusting spell resistance. maybe it could be like 10% per level, so with 10 levels ahead the higher lebvel player has zero spell resistance.

god mode? I have not heard about this before but it sounds pretty strange. You mean start with 60 mana and generate 3-4 mana per second? hmmm! If it was a “fun” mode and didd not reward chests or global ranking but only gold then it would be a cool idea. Thinking about it for a minute or two I think it would be fun for Ruul due to his many AOE attacks. I do not think its a good idea if it counted towards chests and global ranking however. The god mode would get pretty crazy with multiple spell being cast every second however it does sound like a lot of fun. I think it should belong in the challenge a friend section of the game. You choose regular or god mode. It would be pretty funny if im honest.

Ahhhh yes i know you now. You play Ameryl the same as me. Respect and welcome to you my Sky Angel Ally. I think I struggle to beat you sometimes. You are a good player. I respect all players who decide to stick to one spell caster in the majority of their play. I want to see if i can reach the top with Ameryl. I know she can do it haha.


Fun game with friends only, god mode. I like it as is competitive. This is friends/fun stuff.

Resistance per each card should make differencr also card strenght per each lvl. This rewuires a lot of testing since it is all about mechanics and gameplay


where are u playin the game ?


Either early morning CET time zone 5-7 not whole two hours. From time to time.
During day 1-2 times.
Fishing more than playing. Since it takes only few minutes for match I push battle button. If I find opp great. If not, never mind I will look for opp later. Lunch break 11-12hrs CET.
Weekends, not much. ingame name


I would like to know wich platform are you playing the game

thank you